Convenient wireless charging

designed for commercial spaces

ChargeSpots install subsurface, maintaining a clean look on the top while hiding your wires below. ChargeSpot works in many surfaces, including wood, laminate, solid surfaces and more.ChargeSpot
ChargeSpot supports both Qi and PMA wireless charging standards, and the Spark enables most devices to charge wirelessly.Spark
Monitor, remotely update, and track ChargeSpot usage from your computer with ChargeSpot Connect. Integrate ChargeSpot’s SDK into your mobile app for added functionality.Connect

How does wireless charging work?

ChargeSpot Diagram


Don’t have wireless charging on your phone? The ChargeSpot Spark wireless charging receiver instantly allows any phone to charge wirelessly.


The ChargeSpot transmitter installs and hides under a surface, adding functionality while maintaining the look and feel of your space.

Your Phone

Have a wireless charging enabled phone? Simply place your phone on the surface above a ChargeSpot transmitter to start charging!


The ChargeSpot transmitter supports leading wireless charging standards – Qi and PMA, and is efficient and safe to use.

News from ChargeSpot

Whitepaper: Power at Work

Why wireless charging is the next big thing for workplace productivity
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Our Customers

I run a coworking space. Mobile devices are critical for my members’ business. People were always running around looking for places to charge their phones or looking for power cables. We installed ChargeSpot and everyone loves it. It was a breeze to set up and my members really appreciate the ease of wireless power. Offering wireless charging with ChargeSpot will help me attract and retain members.

Christine Andrews, Acme Works

Our customers have found value in charging their phones when they stop by for a coffee or snack. We think ChargeSpot is great and would like to see more of them around!

Megan Chan, Kanga

A lot of the members here are on the go and really like to be mobile. The less they carry with them the better. ChargeSpot is a great touchdown spot for our members to just charge their phones on the table for about 15 – 20 minutes and they are good to go. Really simple tool. It’s a great addition to our centre for sure.

Jenn Sutkowski, Workplace One

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