With the current trend of less formal work environments and flexible working hours, break rooms and chill-out spaces have become a commonplace in modern offices. Apart from comfortable furniture, and entertainment amenities, an important element of a modern office break room are the appliances. The right choice of appliances can make the break room more inviting to employees who often joke that the office is their second home. So let’s see which ones make the top of the list.

The coffee maker

A staple of every office break room, the coffee maker is your best friend in the morning, when everybody needs a jolt of strong black, as it is after lunch when a nice hot cup of coffee keeps everyone up. Today’s market is saturated with all kinds of coffee makers, so whether you choose a machine that brews a single specialty cup each time, or a traditional one that makes a whole pot, you can’t go wrong. Lately many offices are also including an espresso machine capable of making fancier coffee drinks like macchiato, Americanos, and cappuccinos.

The water cooler

The next on the list is the water cooler, which is often placed in the reception area where clients and visitors can use it as well. Having a water cooler is hands down more economic, as well as environmentally friendlier, than buying stacks of bottled water for the office use. Not only do these appliances cool down gallons of water at once, but most of them offer hot water as well. Their built-in filters ensure that every glass tastes great, and they can also be used for making tea or coffee.

The refrigerator

With employees spending 10 hours at work on average, it’s easy to see why you need an appliance to store food and keep it fresh. Not to mention special occasions like celebrating an anniversary, getting a big contract or someone’s birthday when the office orders extra food. While a mini fridge takes less space, a full size Bosch refrigerator is definitely a better investment. Apart from the Energy Star certificate, these fridges come with an impressive array of features such as HydroFresh drawers for fruit and vegetables, wine racks, and separate evaporators for the fridge and freezer compartments.   

The microwave

Rest assured that no office break room is complete without at least one microwave at hand. Many employees bring food from home that gets cold, either because of long commuting distances or long working hours. Apart from heating meals, the microwave can be using for making some basic snacks, as well as microwave-ready meals. While being simple to use and easy to maintain, the microwave is also among the most affordable appliances on the list.

The wireless charging desk station

While freeing up space at your employees’ workstations, wireless charging desks make a great addition to your break room as well. Equipped with hidden wireless chargers, these desks can recharge your employees’ mobile devices that support the technology, as they are taking a break, sipping coffee, as well as help those who choose to stay ‘online’ even when reclining in the break room.  

The ice machine

From time to time your clients would like something other than coffee or tea, and they’ll probably want it chilled. If you have an ice maker on the counter, you can always offer a chilled drink even if your fridge is full to the rafters. Surely, you could use ice trays, but can you trust that the last one who used them will fill them again? By having a machine handle it you’re simply automating the process. Whether you choose a built-in-cabinet model or a portable one that sits on your countertop, your machine will make ice cubes or granules round the clock and have a bulk of them stored ready for use. 

If you plan on furnishing a break room, you need to make sure your employees really feel as if they can take a break from their work. The appliances mentioned here are the best choice for helping them make the most out of their time off.


Images: www.pixels.com, www.pexels.com