Meadows Office Interiors recently underwent a rebrand that included a move to the 29th floor of Manhattan’s Lipstick Building.

They designed their own state-of-the-art showroom, which includes floor to ceiling features – from raised access flooring, movable walls, systems furniture, seating, and wood casegoods to art and accessories, collaboration tools, sound masking and more. We talked to them to find out more:

Tell us about the new office/showroom and why you chose to undertake the reconfiguration?


Lounge area (©David Paler Photography. All other rights, including but not limited to self-promotion usage, reserved)

We incorporated a lot of features that promote more efficient collaboration within the office as well as flexible systems that are required for the shorter design cycles we’re seeing. Our space features raised access flooring, moveable walls, systems furniture, collaboration tools and sound masking – all of which lend to a more productive and comfortable environment.

How does the new design support your own work processes?

At Meadows, the idea of team is at the heart of our approach. It’s core to our commitment to being able to deliver top-notch service to our clients. As such we designed the space to include collaborative spaces and technology that support all roles – from project managers to designers to operations – it was important for us to provide seamless collaboration solutions.

Especially with a smaller workstation footprint in an open environment, we wanted to tailor the space for comfort, functionality and fun. We were thoughtful in carving out spaces that suit every need, whether it be a larger conference table for spreading out floor plans, a private phone room for taking a personal call, or a lounge for more casual meetings, we nurture the team and family atmosphere we’ve created at Meadows.

We know that happy employees mean happy clients. Comfortable and functional amenities were most important in our design. The result is an environment that provides the tools and wellbeing for our employees to feel empowered to not only do their work, but also enjoy it.

How does the space reflect the Meadows office culture?


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We know the value of investing in amenities to create a comfortable and functional workspace. Height adjustable workstations, custom beverage and snack centers, a living plant wall by Blondie’s Treehouse, and a rotation of art pieces by featured female artists are among the benefits our space provides employees.

These elements create a unique open work environment and foster a great team dynamic, as well.

How have you integrated technology into the design of your space? 

Meadows ChargeSpot

Integrated wireless charging (©David Paler Photography. All other rights, including but not limited to self-promotion usage, reserved)

Clients expect us to be knowledgeable of emerging technology and the best way for us to do this is integrating it ourselves within the workplace. We also strive to ensure Meadows is always attentive, bold and innovative, so technology in design was important to us from that aspect as well.

We believe in the power of technology to improve both the client and project team experience. From our own wayfinding app, Meadows Workspace™ which allows for virtual tours, to TopBrewer and Enomatic Coffee and Wine dispensers, we’ve used tech to enhance the work experience.

Other technology we’ve adopted includes, sound masking, wireless charging with ChargeSpot and video conferencing, all of which are integrated within the workplace.

We’ve also recently incorporated leading tech like virtual reality. With this technology, clients can virtually walk their space, seeing what their space can look like. This has decreased the time and resources required for traditional product mock-ups. It is a game changer for clients who experience multiple design changeovers.

Again with shorter cycles in terms of office reconfigurations, this will have a big impact on our productivity and efficiency.


What is your favorite project in the Meadows Portfolio?

All of our projects are so unique and we’re always so excited about all of them that it’s difficult to choose a favorite. That said, one in particular stands out. We recently did a project for the New York Stock Exchange. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to provide custom benching stations, breakroom furniture, trading desks, ancillary products and more for 650 employees.

But even more rewarding was that the project was for 15 floors in their beautiful building on Wall Street, which is a designated National Historic Landmark. It is always an honor for us to be a part of a project that combines our modern solutions with a rich history.

What design features do you feel are most important for a workplace right now?


Open office and collaborative area using Smart Glass for adjustable privacy (©David Paler Photography. All other rights, including but not limited to self-promotion usage, reserved)

As we’ve seen again and again, versatility is key. As business goals evolve, so do work environments. Our clients are looking for solutions that provide collaborative options now, while allowing for possible future reconfigurations. Our financial firms require solutions for privacy and confidentiality. For them, our Smart Glass, reconfigurable architectural walls and sound masking provide the security and flexibility they need across all business units.

Our corporate clients rely on us for that same adaptability but for them it’s more about the open spaces. From workstations to collaborative areas, as well as ancillary accessories, we assist in creating aesthetics-centric work spaces that will enhance their brand and culture for years to come.