Coffee shops and cafes are familiar stomping grounds for many of us. We all have our favorite coffee haunts where we spend time with friends, for work, or even just to relax and watch the world go by. While a great tasting, strong cup of brew is always key, atmosphere and other design elements also have a huge impact on the coffee shop experience. Here are 7 coffee shops that go above and beyond the coffee with their design and experience.

1. Knoll Ridge Cafe, Whakapapa, New Zealand

Knoll Ridge Cafe

Photo: Simon Devitt

Knoll Ridge Cafe is built on the side of Mt. Ruapehu, New Zealand’s largest active volcano. The cafe boasts absolutely spectacular views, and is a must-see for any architecture buff. Designed and built for the elements, the glass and metal structure can withstand up to 200km/h winds and temperatures below freezing.


2. Cafe Ki, Tokyo, Japan

Cafe Ki

Photo: Id

Cafe Ki’s is named after the Japanese word for tree, and the minimalist design of the space evokes an experience of drinking coffee in a stark forest. The legs and stands of the tables serves as the trees, and also act as a divider to provide space and distance between guests. Cafe Ki exudes Zen-like calm and is a respite from the urban buzz.


3. Dreamy Camera Cafe, Yangpyeong, South Korea

Dreamy Camera Cafe

Photo: Dreamy Camera Cafe

40 miles outside of Seoul lies this fascinating building. Looking at it, you might think it is a huge replica of a twin lens camera. Dreamy Camera Cafe owner Park Sung-hwan loves photography, and his love for cameras translated into his cafe. Run by Park and his wife, they hope that Dreamy Camera Cafe will be a place for their guests to share their dreams and experiences.


4. Big Knit Cafe, Bangkok, Thailand

Big Knit Cafe

Photo: Big Knit Cafe

Big Knit Cafe is a cozy filled with all the yarn you can imagine. Don’t know how to knit? The friendly staff will help you learn the basics. Big Knit Cafe also hosts a variety of educational workshops for both adults and children. It’s a great place to enjoy your coffee while working on a craft.


5. Second Cup, Toronto, Canada

Second Cup Toronto

Photo: Second Cup

Call us biased, but this Second Cup, located near Toronto’s financial and entertainment districts, features some very intriguing guest experiences. The brightly lit store is filled with shades of white and brown, bringing a modern take to Second Cup’s historic brand. The location not only has wireless charging (from ChargeSpot!), but also features some intriguing coffee experiences, including a steampunk brewer as well as milk and cream on tap. Perch yourself at the slow bar and watch your barista brew up a storm with the steampunk brewer!

BlogTO has some great things to say about the wireless charging:

Where they put their money to good use is in the new wireless charging stations all over the café. The panic of a dead battery, particularly for a wandering tourist, is immediately remedied with these stations, and the shop on that alone could become an oasis for people.


6. Truth Coffee, Cape Town, South Africa

Truth Coffee

Photo: Truth Coffee

Speaking of steampunk, Truth Coffee offers a full steampunk experience for those who embrace the culture. Voted best in the world by the Telegraph, the coffee shop is both a taste and visual delight. The shop is filled with gears and pipes and tubing, and their staff dress up in steampunk outfits to round out the experience.



There you have it – 6 unique coffee shop experiences that go beyond the drink. Looking for a way to improve your guest experience beyond coffee? ChargeSpot’s wireless charging solution helps you keep your guests charged, happy and impressed. Give us a shout to learn more!