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From Paper to Digital: Easy Ways to Re-Organize Your Work

As we live in a digital age, it’s hardly surprising that workplaces have also adopted ...

  • wireless charging

Wireless Charging: What Is It, How Does It Work, and Do You Need It?

With technology becoming so convenient, it’s only a matter of time that wireless charging becomes ...

Work Smarter: Creating a Perfect Workplace to Boost Employee Productivity

The millennial workforce is a peculiar bunch. Nowadays, giving a raise or adding vacation days ...

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HOK Helps Clients Dive Into Workplace Design With New Card Deck

There’s a lot to consider when starting the design process, at least 52 different aspects ...

Better Design Starts With Users: Tyler Gilchrist Explains What You’ve Been Missing

Pictured Above: Penguin Random House Toronto, Designed by figure3 (Photography: Steve Tsai) “You don’t need ...

Workspaces Weekly Brief: Herman Miller’s First Retail Store Opens, How Designers Create Their Own Offices

In the Know From the Fast Company Innovation Festival: How Companies That Design Offices For A Living Design Their Own Offices ...

Workspaces Weekly Brief: Why Workplaces are becoming more casual

Pictured Above: Industrious Office, Designed by Uhuru Contract (Photo: Uhuru Contract) In the Know Dwell Tells Us Why Workplaces Are ...

Workspaces Weekly Brief: Designing for Happiness in the Workplace and Highlights from Orgatec

Pictured Above: The BuzziFloat at Orgatec 2016 (Photo: Buzzispace) In The Know: Happiness In Workplace Design  New Haworth Research Shows that Workplace Design ...

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