Wireless Charging Technology

How Does Wireless Charging Work?

Electromagnetic Induction

ChargeSpot uses electromagnetic induction to transfer energy between a transmitter and receiver.

Inductive charging has been around for decades. It is commonly used for charging electric toothbrushes and other small electronics.

Inductive charging capacity has since increased and we are now able to charge smartphones. In the future, tablets, laptops, and even small kitchen appliances could be charged and powered wirelessly.


Transmitters are connected to a power source and affixed in place. The transmitter has an induction coil that can generate an electromagnetic field.

When an appropriate receiver is placed within range of the transmitter, the receiver derives power from the electromagnetic field, converting it back into electrical current. The receiver can be a separate unit connectable to a battery, or built into devices.

What makes ChargeSpot Different?

There are many wireless charging solutions out there, but ChargeSpot differs from them in several ways.

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