When a business is moving offices, it usually implies prosperity. Your business is likely thriving, and you need more space to accommodate a surge in employees or extra equipment, or you are simply moving to a nicer building. This is, by all means, an exciting period, but it isn’t one without worries on the practical side. Keeping the productivity up despite the challenges moving brings is the No.1 worry and task of each entrepreneur looking for movers through a moving app. We present you with 5 effective ways to make sure your business is booming while moving.

Plan everything out 

If your business is thriving, there is no need to emphasize the importance of strategic planning. Start planning months in advance and acknowledge the amount of time needed to move your whole business. Divide the process into separate tasks with deadlines and delegate these tasks to separate people. As the goal is to minimize downtime and maximize productivity, allow for certain tasks to be done remotely during the transition, if possible. This will add to the efforts for everything to continue to run smoothly during this period. Consider everything and allow for delays.


Hire professional help 

Moving home is one thing, and people have successfully moved their home by themselves. But, moving a business is a whole different story and a huge responsibility best left to professionals. And not just professional movers, but the professionals among movers. To make sure a reputable company is moving your company, use a moving app that only features thoroughly vetted, licensed, and reputable companies. You likely have valuable equipment and important documents, and you don’t want to lose time resulting in your company losing profit, so make sure you are dealing with trustworthy movers that understand this. There are great companies out there who can really help you out during this process and make the transition into your new building efficient and fast – you just need to choose the right one.

Communicate the move with your employees

Moving a business affects employee satisfaction, stress levels, and productivity. So, it’s important to communicate the move to your employees early on. Make sure the lines of communication are wide open, so everyone is timely informed of everything to ensure a smooth transition. It’s likely that this change will affect your employees’ personal life in some ways – they may also have to move, or they’ll need to change the way they commute. Employee retention is crucial to every business, and it is especially crucial if you want to maintain productivity during your move. That’s why you should prepare your employees well ahead of the move and maintain a positive attitude towards the move. Focus on the benefits of the new building. If necessary, allocate one member of the team to deal with this task exclusively – it is a major factor in the success of your move.

Notify other important people 

When the time is right, you need to inform the public of the change of address. Before issuing a public announcement, make sure all your clients and suppliers are notified. It’s important that you handle this in an organized and professional manner as it reflects on your business. When you issue a public announcement, make sure you have a sign on both the old place and the new one informing customers or anyone else of the change of location. Another thing worth mentioning is that you should notify the post office and any potential subscriptions of your change of address. 

Have a backup plan

Have a plan set in stone, but also allow for any eventualities that might and will happen along the way. Some deadlines might be broken, there may be some unexpected expenses, the internet may be down despite the promises of the provider. Or some employees may leave because of the change of location. In such instances, it’s important to act fast or, better yet, have a backup plan already in place. Set deadlines earlier than you need the task done, allow for more expenses, and have a plan in line for employees to work from home should anything unexpected arise at the office. This way, your company is set to boom despite the move, and your employees will be there to welcome many more to come.