Coworking spaces thrive on community and innovation, but keeping those seats filled can sometimes feel like a Herculean task. Today, everyone seems to be working remotely yet your space is not brimming with busy workers. 

Where’s the catch? What are you doing wrong? Whether you’re operating a sprawling urban hub or a cozy suburban workspace, the key to long-term success lies in member retention, and that’s clear to everyone. 

Here are five straightforward, actionable strategies to keep your members coming back and ensure the survival of your beautiful and practical coworking space. 

Cultivate a community, not just a space

A coworking space’s success hinges on more than just its physical amenities—it’s the community that truly matters. To enhance this, consider hosting a variety of events that not only bring people together but also foster professional growth. 

From industry-specific panels and guest speaker sessions to casual networking happy hours and creative workshops, the goal is to create moments where members can connect and collaborate. Additionally, establishing interest-based clubs or groups can add another layer of connectivity. 

Whether it’s a coding boot camp or a graphic design meetup, these initiatives encourage regular attendance and deepen the bonds between members, turning the coworking space into a dynamic hub for professional exchange.

Keep the space flexible and responsive

In today’s work environment, the ability to adapt to the changing needs of your members is crucial. Consider the varied requirements of your members on any given day: some might seek pin-drop silence to meet a deadline, while others might thrive in a lively setting for brainstorming sessions. 

Addressing these needs means designing your space with versatility in mind. Implement adjustable furniture, sound-proof meeting rooms, and open-plan areas to accommodate a range of activities. 

Regular updates based on member feedback are key—whether it’s improving the lighting, increasing the number of power outlets, or introducing more private spaces. By continuously evolving the environment, you ensure that your coworking space remains a relevant and supportive setting for all kinds of professionals.

Consider BigCommerce for growth

For coworking spaces aiming to provide comprehensive support to entrepreneurial members, integrating a robust e-commerce solution can be a significant value-add. You can expand your business by partnering with BigCommerce and not only set up an online store but also leverage growth opportunities through enhanced digital strategies. 

This partnership can help your members reach new customers and keep them engaged through superior e-commerce tools. Additionally, BigCommerce partners can help in handling reviews, managing bulk messaging, and facilitating smooth payment solutions that align well with the digital acceleration many small businesses seek. 

Hosting expert-led sessions on maximizing these tools can turn your coworking space into a pivotal hub for digital business expansion.

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Introduce tiered membership plans

Offering flexibility in membership plans is crucial to accommodate the diverse needs of your community. By introducing tiered options, you cater to a wide spectrum of users from occasional visitors to full-time entrepreneurs. 

These could range from limited day passes for those who need occasional access, to full-time desks for those requiring a more permanent setup. Your 9-to-5 workers can basically have their own private desk or cubicle to return to every day–it provides great stability and routine that’s helpful to so many. 

You can even include special rates for teams or customizable plans that members can adjust as their business needs evolve. Such strategies not only make your space more accessible to a broader audience but also allow members to feel in control of their workspace and expenses, enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty.

Foster a feedback-friendly environment

Maintaining the dynamism and adaptability of your coworking space requires cultivating a culture that actively seeks out and values feedback. It’s critical to support your members’ candid sharing of ideas and experiences by providing a range of easily accessible ways of communication. 

Insight-gathering tools include digital surveys, thoughtfully positioned feedback boxes, and frequent community gatherings. Your openness to make improvements and your active engagement with this criticism demonstrate your strong commitment to community-driven growth. 

Additionally, by making these changes, you not only improve the space’s aesthetics and functionality but also encourage a sense of ownership among members. This cultivates a stronger, more committed community that feels genuinely invested in the space’s success, boosting overall satisfaction and retention.


When it comes to navigating the ever-changing coworking space landscape, straightforward yet strategic approaches are crucial. Building an inclusive, adaptable, and growth-oriented culture helps you keep members and gives them the tools they need to succeed. 

Recall that a coworking space’s power is its capacity to adjust and respond to the demands of its members, making sure each one of them feels like they are a part of something more than simply a shared workspace. By doing this, you will create an environment that encourages and motivates everyone who enters your doors and goes beyond just a workstation.