A new way of working that is being offered to professionals in the hair and beauty industry is making a big difference when it comes to self-employment possibilities in this field. This is a new way of working that has been successfully implemented in lots of other industries, and let’s see how it affects one of the most dynamic lines of work.

Coworking Space in the Hair and Beauty Industry: How Does It Work?

Coworking that is based on a rent-a-chair model is becoming a past since the idea of collaborative workspaces for freelance hair and beauty professionals has seen the light of day. This is not a new concept (it is present in other industries for more than a decade now), but it took a while to cross over into the hair and beauty industry. These spaces are offering artists within the industry to practice their profession and house their clients without the commitment of opening saloons themselves.

What Does Collaborative Hair and Beauty Workspace Mean for Clients?

Besides the fact that collaborative workspaces are making a difference for professionals, this is a new model of working that’s making a significant change for clients as well. Clients now can get their nails done, get a haircut, beauty additions such as Indian hair extensions and even get a massage at the same place. This makes this model of working more popular among beauty artists and among their clients as well.

Who Collaborative Workspaces Will Suit?

This model is especially suitable for beginners since they probably don’t have a great number of regular customers yet. This makes renting a space for their own saloon pretty expensive. Besides that, working in a coworking space opens a possibility of networking as well, since they’re in contact with other professionals from their industry, and often their customers as well.


Beauty coworking is a good alternative to working from home and a significantly less expensive solution than renting a beauty saloon. We’re talking about hourly rental of an equipped workspace, without obligations of any kind after the period of time the artist has paid for. Sharing experiences with other professionals and networking is a great benefit that will help every freelancer to grow their business in the future as well.