Taking that awesome office selfie, group shot, or end-of-year party photo to post on social media is tricky but worth it when everyone loves your pic. Balancing the perfect lighting, angle, and background while ensuring you and your coworkers look good is daunting. It’s even more involving when the photo has more meaning, such as an annual company photo. Here are  dos and don’ts to taking great office selfies:

What To Do

Before taking the photo, ask yourself why you’re taking the selfie, where you want to display it, and the message you want to send. Doing this determines the composition of your photo.

Choose The Right Photo Editor

Choose a photo editor to enhance the photo without making it look fake. One of the most popular iPhone apps in history Facetune enables you to transform your office selfie from meh to exceptional with the tap of a button. You can brighten, whiten, smooth skin, add filters- the list goes on.

Get The Lighting Right

Make sure there’s ample light, but not so much that it’s blinding. The best light is often natural light from a window. If you’re taking a group shot, have everyone stand close together, so you don’t need to use the flash. Also, avoid fluorescent lighting, as it gives your photo an eerie quality. Choose a time of the day when the sun shines through the windows for the best light.

Find The Right Angle

For office selfies, the angle you choose is critical. You don’t want to be too close to the camera, distorting your features. Step back a few feet and hold the camera above your head for the best angle. It makes your office selfie look more professional. If you’re taking a group shot, have everyone stand in a line and hold the camera at eye level.

Pick The Perfect Background

The background of your office selfie is just as important as the foreground. A busy one takes attention from the photo’s focus, which should be you and your coworkers. Choose a clean and simple backdrop, but not a plain one. 

Think About The Composition

The composition of your office selfie is vital to making the photo visually appealing. The rule of thirds is a great way to ensure your picture is balanced. Imagine the image divided into three sections horizontally and three sections vertically. Place the photo’s focus, such as your face, in one of the intersections. This will create a more visually exciting image.

What Not To Do

Understanding the don’ts enables you to avoid common mistakes when taking an office selfie. These include:

Don’t Compromise on a Good Camera

A good camera is essential for taking high-quality office selfies. If you’re taking many office selfies, invest in a DSLR camera. It enables you to take great photos in all types of lighting. If you don’t want to invest in a DSLR, use the camera on your phone. The latest iPhones have excellent cameras that are perfect for taking office selfies.

Don’t Use the Flash

The flash is often too harsh, making your office selfie look unnatural. Use it only if necessary. The best light is natural, so open the blinds and let the sunshine in. Also, make sure the sunlight is your only source of lighting. Put off other lights to avoid harsh shadows. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Props

Props add personality to your office selfie. Hold a cup of coffee or your laptop when taking a solo shot. If you’re taking a group photo, have everyone hold something that represents their job. For example, if you’re a doctor, hold a stethoscope. If you’re a lawyer, hold a gavel.

Be Patient and Try Different Angles

You might have to take several tries before you get the perfect office selfie. Play with the lighting, angle, and composition until you get the photo you want. With these dos and don’ts in mind, you’re sure to take great office selfies that capture the memories of your workplace.