Digital signage is increasingly popular in the workplace – 30% of workplaces are now using digital signage in the workplace, and that number is expected to grow significantly. Digital signage are screens or projectors that deliver digital, multimedia content. They communicate real-time information, and can be used to quickly and effectively broadcast coordinated content to your team.

Here are 5 ways you can incorporate digital signage into a workplace and improve your communication:

Welcoming Employees and Visitors

Digital signage can be incorporated into a lobby to welcome both visitors and employees. For employees, digital signage in the lobby can provide quick news and updates about the company as they are entering the workplace. Urgent news can be shared quickly.

For visitors, tools such as Envoy, combined with a digital display, can effectively welcome guests and perform receptionist duties, freeing up a staff member for other tasks.

CANA Construction uses lobby signage to share its rich history with visitors. A 70-year-old company, CANA Construction wanted to improve visual branding at its office, as well as educate visitors on the rich culture and history of the company.

Meeting Rooms


Meeting rooms are high traffic spaces with rapidly changing information about usage and availability. Digital signage is very well-suited for these spaces. Digital signage deployed at the entrances of meeting rooms can help inform employees of space availability, amenities, and even allow them to book the space for ad-hoc meetings.

ChargeSpot uses Workscape for digital display at their meeting rooms. The Workscape display app runs on an iPad, and shows room status. The display also shows upcoming meetings, as well as allows the room to be booked if available.

Status and Reporting Dashboards


Digital display dashboards can help increase transparency in an organization. By publicizing internal metrics using tools such as Klipfolio, it informs every team member about the status of the organization. This can encourage the team to proactively work on trouble issues and tap on expertise from all areas of the organization.

For example, the sales team might be missing their metrics for the month and do not understand why. However, someone from marketing operations could see that data, and realize that the slump is due to a slight slowdown in website loading speeds.


Ever get lost on large corporate campus? Digital displays can help with wayfinding and improving space accessibility.

Because digital displays can be updated in real-time, they can reflect real-time space usage as well. Conference rooms, workstations and hot desks can all be marked as in use or available, and employees can more effectively find and access empty spots rather than waste time wandering around. This is very useful for employees who need to travel between various sections and areas of the office.

Corporate Communication


Digital signage can be used to effectively broadcast announcements through the organization. By placing these in common areas such as lunchrooms or hallways, information can be easily disseminated without clogging up email inboxes or requiring the employee to sign in and check a company intranet.

Spotify uses digital displays to communicate internally. These are used to advertise internal events or interest groups.


Digital displays are very effective for internal communication. How else have you used digital signage in your office?

This is a guest post by Workscape. Workscape is a meeting room booking system that uses digital displays to reduce scheduling conflicts and improve workplace efficiency.