Without a shred of doubt, the modern workplace is vastly different from what it used to be before the technological revolution, or the changes instigated by the millennial workforce. Over the years, the office has become much more than a place where people would mindlessly work, waiting for the clock to run out. No, the modern workplace is a living, breathing entity imbued with positivity, health, and day-long zeal.

This is achieved through the strategic use of technology such as wireless charging in furniture, the smart use of available space for maximum freedom of movement, and the creation of a multifunctional work setting that inspires the employees to call the office their second home. Here is how the modern workspace is changing to meet the needs of a 21st-century workforce.

Creating a place of freedom 

Freedom of movement is a huge motivator in the modern workplace. No longer do employees want to work in bland cubicle offices or spaces devoid of soul or any kind of visual substance. This place needs to inspire and motivate, it needs to bring people together and incentivize collaboration, mutual understanding, and innovation. The first step towards achieving this will be to embrace the open-plan office design.

Innovative office spaces are all about connectivity and flexibility, they break down walls and glass partitions to create one grand work area where people can mingle, communicate, and feed on the productivity of their colleagues. When everyone is in the same room, working towards a mutual goal, they will have an easier time staying productive and nourish the positive work culture throughout the day.

Boosting productivity with technology 

Technology has become an inextricable part of business: from efficient office telephone systems, smart logistics management software and team management tools, all the way to putting a wireless charger in a table and giving your employees the opportunity to create a seamless design for their workspace, devoid of cords and obstructions. Yes, technology helps to build and preserve a productive work environment. By using handy gadgets and software you can, therefore, easily improve productivity and happiness in the office.

Focus on simplifying the design of every workstation as much as possible. Adapt to a minimalist mindset and allow your employees to design and decorate their desk the way they see fit. Now, introduce the tech essentials every employee needs to thrive at their job. This can be a dual-monitor computer or a powerful laptop, or the ability to charge all of their smart devices right from the tabletop without a cord – the possibilities are numerous and the modern employee is bound to love every single one.

Not just a workspace 

One of the most important elements of a thriving 21st-century office is its rec room. This is a shared space intended for maximum relaxation, so it should have comfortable lounges where people can sit and unwind over a book or a non-work-related conversation, and plenty of fun things for people to do.
But, the recreation room doesn’t have to be a room at all. You can adapt the roof of your building. A new study from Melbourne University has found that green roofs are not only good for the environment, but they can help improve employee concentration.

You can adapt the roof by hiring a contractor, or you might choose to do it yourself. In order to do this, you’ll need plenty of plants, comfy and cozy lounges for your employees, and a crane to transport them to the roof. Fortunately, it’s incredibly easy to find a crane hire in Melbourne, for example.

Providing a safe and intimate space 

The office of tomorrow might emphasize openness and freedom, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t cater to the introverts in your team, and generally people looking for a quiet and intimate space where they can focus on their work in peace. What’s more, sometimes your employees just need to talk in private and discuss problems others needn’t know about, so all the more reason to adapt a sizable area of your office to accommodate these needs.

With the use of quiet booths and private rooms, you will give your employees the opportunity to elevate their productivity levels and focus on the task at hand without getting distracted by other coworkers. Add in a desk with wireless charging and they will have no reason to venture out of their little haven until the job gets done.

Putting an emphasis on health

Last but not least, the modern employee will have no problem switching companies if they feel that their physical or psychological health is threatened. No longer will they put up with stuffy interiors, or buzzing fluorescent lighting, nor will they feel comfortable working in a space devoid of natural elements. Your main focus should, therefore, be to create a healthy place for people to work and thrive.

Make sure the office is well-ventilated at all times and introduce air purifiers in strategic places to cleanse the air of pollutants and allergens. Emphasize natural lighting by opening the blinds and expanding your window scheme to let sunlight permeate the room throughout the day. Top it all off with strategic greenery scattered throughout to allow your employees to banish fatigue and stay productive.


The modern office is evolving rapidly in the wake of the technological and millennial revolution. Use these design tips to adapt your workspace to the unique needs and wishes of your workforce, and witness as your business starts to grow once more.