As we live in a digital age, it’s hardly surprising that workplaces have also adopted a digital approach in the way they do business. After all, technological advancements made it easy to communicate with clients and business partners regardless of their location, and successfully do business with them. However, this leaves room for a new office space reorganization. While embracing the digital aspect is absolutely necessary, one also has to make sure that the physical material, documents and essential tools, stationary and gadgets are properly organized so that everyone can do their job efficiently and with the highest level of productivity.

Go digital with storage and management

These days, a good portion of information can be transferred to the virtual world. In that respect, not only can you manage your mail and invoices online, but use special apps and tools to create, track, and store information online as well. This also goes for managing the office tasks. With all the information safely backed up within the cloud, you can create a clutter-free office where everything will have its designated space. Such a practice will also help you organize your info better and find whatever piece you need quickly and efficiently. For example, you can keep your invoices, projects, client information and similar online while a nice folder shelf can neatly store your contracts and other essential documentation every company needs.

Embrace the functionality of VoIP

Don’t hesitate to put all that available technology to good use. With the help of video projectors, whiteboards, and laptops, all your meetings can be twice as efficient. Not to mention that your employees will find it easier to take notes with such an arrangement. With new technologies such as wireless charging desks, you can ensure maximum productivity for your team without the pressure of a cluttered surface. 

However, even modern gadgets can become cumbersome if you constantly have to switch from one gadget to another, open app after app, and so on. Communication with clients and colleagues has to proceed quickly and smoothly in this day and age, especially when you consider the increase in popularity of remote positions and co-working spaces. In order to take the work organization up a notch, many companies have already opted for one of the best office phone systems, which is undoubtedly the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). There’s no need to set up landlines and telephone networks, yet everyone can be connected, manage their voicemails, meet customer demands hassle-free, and enjoy better teamwork.

Use the right supplies

Just like it’s necessary to work out your digital management system and virtual data storage, it’s paramount that you’re as meticulous with your general office organization and equipment. Every document and piece of paper should have their own space and purpose, and not to mention the essential office supplies, tools and stationery that no office can work without. Breaking the concentration for minutes on end to go look for the necessary documentation, stapler, folders, pens, and whatever else the employees may need is a productivity killer. This is why it’s your responsibility to equip your workplace with functional Winc office supplies and encourage all your employees to keep their desks tidy, and put everything back where it belongs once they’re done.

Communicate with everyone in the office

If you want to create the perfect balance in your workplace, where effective organization of both virtual and material data as well as office supply essentials will boost everyone’s productivity, it’s important to let your employees know that they can come talk to you (or whoever’s responsible) when they need help with something. This can be assistance with using certain computer programs and management systems, but also the freedom to ask for more stationery and supplies once they’re all out of something necessary for them to do their job properly. If you fail to do that, you will also fail to generate the message of importance when it comes to the joint efforts to maintain this fruitful paper to digital balance.

Stop data hoarding

It’s relatively simple to put some effort into uploading certain data and information online and organizing the files in folders and stocking up on necessary office supplies in your office. The hard bit is to prevent data hoarding once the initial reorganization is done, and this goes for both digital and paper data. In that respect, it’s important to develop a system that will let the employees know when it’s time to free up the cloud space. What’s more, there’s no need to make a mess out of your filing cabinets when you can put up office recycling bins and get to do your bit for the environment as a team.

Your goal is to create a workplace balance with minimal clutter and effective organization system that’s still inspiring for your workers. And that is a perfectly reasonable and achievable goal but don’t forget that the right motivation and work resources will be key to make this happen. In that respect, no matter how useful digital technologies are, no office will be able to manage their work properly without the right office supplies and tools. These may seem like mere details when you’re looking at the big picture, but when you think about it, you can’t do much without the simplest pen, let alone some other traditional office essentials.