You spend most of your time in the office. Its overall design has an enormous impact on your health, morale, and performance. According to research studies, the physical environment is the most significant factor determining employee focus and productivity. 

So, how to create a comfortable workspace? Here are several tips that may help you!

Go Paper-Free to Declutter your Office

A cluttered office desk covered in mounds of documents can affect your psychological wellbeing and increase anxiety. It can also reduce your productivity since you spend more time looking for files.

To keep your desk decluttered, digitize your documents. For instance, why send out printed reports to each client when you can do that via email? You do not need to struggle with printing and writing checks – digital check services have got your back. 

The migration to the cloud has numerous benefits for your business. For starters, it frees up your office space. Going paperless reduces the need for printers, copiers, and file cabinets that occupy lots of your precious space. 

A paper-free office also reduces your expenses. You do not need to allocate a big portion of your monthly budget to paper, ink, toner, and printer maintenance anymore.

Most importantly, cloud technologies increase your productivity. They make your documents easily searchable and available 24/7 to everyone on your team.

Liven Up your Workspace with Office Plants

Adding office plants is an amazing way to liven up your office and create a positive vibe. Whether you have a home-based office in NYC or even exploring the coworking spaces in Mexico, introducing some greenery makes your office more pleasant in numerous ways. 

For starters, plants increase workplace productivity, minimize stress levels, and increase wellbeing. They can also increase the overall workspace décor and add personality to your office. Most importantly, plants can improve air quality.

If your office does not have enough sunlight and fresh air, go for low-maintenance ones that do not require too much care. Many tolerant plants can survive with little maintenance, light, and water. That way, you will not need to worry about them during holidays or busy seasons.

For example, a snake plant can survive even the harshest conditions. All you have to do is plant it every two or three weeks. Aloe vera is also very visually appealing and easy to maintain. It prefers indirect light and needs to be watered every two or three weeks.

Invest in Proper Office Ergonomics

Do you spend eight hours (or more) behind your office desk? Then back pain, sore wrists, and eye fatigue are no strangers to you. One of the most effective ways to increase your workplace comfort and maintain your health is to improve office ergonomics. That includes the proper choice of furniture and equipment spacing.

There are several tips on how to boost workplace ergonomics:

  • Choose an ergonomic chair that supports your spine. Make sure you adjust its height so that your feet rest flat on the floor. 
  • Make sure there is enough space for your knees, thighs, and feet under your desk. Choose an adjustable desk that lets you adapt its height to your specific needs.
  • Place monitor directly in front of you. The top of the screen should be at your eye level. 

Give your Office a Recognizable Character

When renovating your office, it is essential to give it a unique vibe and communicate company culture. Ask yourself about its values, personality, and goals. Based on these factors, you can add some character to your office.

For example, if you are a graphic designer or a photographer, you can print the photos of your most successful projects and artwork. That is an effective way to showcase your creativity and turn your office walls into an engaging portfolio. 

If you have launched a digital marketing agency or a software company that craves for inspiration, introduce an area where your team can brainstorm and work together. 

Another effective way to add personality to your office is to choose the right colors. According to color psychology, colors are tightly connected to our emotions. For example, blue increases productivity and sharpens concentration. Yellow maximizes happiness and creativity, while neutral hues have a soothing effect.

Ready to Boost your Workspace?

Sometimes, even the tiniest changes can make significant improvements in your office design. These effortless tips will help you create a healthier, more comfortable, and friendlier workspace environment. That is the opportunity to increase your wellbeing, positivity, and productivity. Most importantly, you will add a unique vibe to your office that reflects the company’s values and culture.


What tricks do you use to make your office more comfortable?