In the war for talent, we’ve seen an increasing number of office amenities offered to attract and retain employees. These range from free beer to mid-day surfing. While benefits can vary, consider offering amenities that are truly valuable to your employees.

These 5 office amenities actually make employees’ lives easier, reduce stress and increase productivity:

1.Concierge Services

office amenities concierge groceries

Employees are busier than ever and this leaves little time for personal errands. As a result, great employers are looking at ways to address this by investing in concierge services. These services include everything from taking in your dry-cleaning to booking airline tickets. At Deloitte’s Edge in Amsterdam, employees can even have groceries waiting for them at the end of the day. Employees first choose from a list of pre-set meals through an app (digital concierge). The ingredients required to prepare the meal, in appropriate proportions, will be awaiting them at the end of the day.

 2. Personal Projects

For companies that want to innovate, empowering employees through personal project time is a win-win. 3M pioneered the approach, which resulted in the iconic sticky note. Employees are kept engaged and are provided with the flexibility to pursue passion projects. For example, Google is famous for the “20% Time” for personal projects rule. Gmail was one of the products that came out of this.  Other companies deliver these programs in different ways, for example Shopify hosts “Hack Days”. Every three months employees take 48 hours to start and finish a project that will improve Shopify.

3. Wellness Programs

office amenities health

The push for wellness in the workplace is real. Employees are becoming aware of the health implications of office work. Certifications like the WELL Building Standard are moving wellness in the office forward as well.

Employers are moving past just offering gyms. Many now have staff on site to assist employees in achieving their health and wellness goals. Various classes from yoga to CrossFit can be offered throughout the day. This means that employees can participate at their convenience and in a stress-free way.

Having an office nurse or health care personnel on-site is another great feature. It allows employees to get the help they require without having to take a personal day. SAS operates a full on site Health Care Centre at their Cary, NC – headquarters. The Health Care Centre is reported to reduce the company’s health care claim costs/per employee as well.

4. An Easier Commute

In areas where campuses or buildings may be outside the downtown core, organizations are offering free shuttles that bring employees to and from work. It’s a tool to attract employees, and especially millennials. These people like living in the city, but don’t own a car or want a hectic commute.

Shuttles offer a comfortable and convenient way for employees to relax on their way to work. Employees working in the Greater Toronto Area at Pepsico or Point Click Care for example, can take a complimentary shuttle to work from their local subway stop. The approach is used around the world.

We also can’t forget to mention to gold standard for creating an easier commute for employees, set by New Balance. The commuter rail station they bought in Boston to make employee commutes easier, is slated to be completed in Fall 2016.

5. Technology

Nexus 5 - Handheld - Black 5

Workers actually report wanting high tech perks more than low tech features like ping pong or free food. It’s not surprising, mobility is king in the modern workplace and technology is a huge enabler of this.

Technology based office amenities include hardware upgrades, wireless charging, and even access to augmented reality and virtual reality. Technology provides employees with more choice and flexibility, something that the modern workforce values highly. Providing these types of services also ensures that your employees are up to date on the latest and greatest tech. This could even help spark creative applications of technology within your own organization