Control one of the most important factors for Employee Wellbeing

New research shows that actually engaging employees in workplace design increased their wellbeing. This comes with other findings out of the study that wellness in the workplace is supported by providing control of the workplace and a variety of spaces.

See it in practice – New Dropbox SF HQ:

Co.Design went inside Dropbox’s new San Francisco Headquarters to highlight increased choice in workspaces throughout the building. Rooms to suit every mood include a “mixture of public and semiprivate spaces that encourage workers to find their own personal bliss.”

Tech Skills Shortage highlighted by CRESA

Workplaces are tools for attracting employees. It’s no wonder that organizations are doing whatever they can to provide attractive amenities and more for top talent: CRESA highlights the biggest skills shortage since the Great Recession with new survey data from the 2016 Gartner CIO Agenda Report.

The report showed that CIOs have cited talent, as the biggest issue standing in the way of achieving their objectives.

Sensor Technology Enables Employee Productivity

Sensor data can be used to create workplaces that are not only flexible but also productive. Learn more about how data insights support better design, personalization of the workplace and workplace wellness.