We’re really excited to be showcasing at NRA Show this year, to be held in Chicago from May 21 to May 24. The NRA Show will mark our first showing of ChargeSpot’s products to restaurants. We are absolutely stoked to be there and show restauranteurs how they can improve their guest experience with wireless charging.

Why ChargeSpot?

You might be wondering – why should I care about this technology for my restaurant?

Wireless charging can have strong benefits:

  1. Improve guest satisfaction
    People LOVE their mobile devices and can’t stand to be without power. By providing convenient access to power, you get happier customers who are more satisfied with your services.
  2. Increase foot traffic
    Being known as a location where guest not only can get refreshments, but can also charge their really important devices helps you bring in more traffic, and growing sales
  3. Build customer loyalty
    Engage your customers with a better guest experience and make them fall in love with not just your food, but your whole restaurant experience

What to expect

  • ChargeSpot’s built-in wireless charging solution that installs under a table for a seamless experience
  • Connect Manage, helping you monitor the health and usage of your wireless charging deployments
  • Connect Engage, helping you engage your customers on their phones by using wireless charging as a communication channel and trigger

Need a Charge?

We’re very familiar with that sinking feeling as your phone runs out of power while you walk the show floor. Have no fear! We’ll have our charging solution on display, so come by for a charge at anytime.

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