A company anniversary party is a big step that requires a lot of planning, especially if the company itself is big with many employees. Therefore, organizing such a party is not an easy task, so if it happens to fall on your shoulders, well, congratulations. If all of this seems more like a burden, and less like fun, then here are some amazing tips that will surely help you organize a stunning company anniversary party.

Find a suitable date

This type of party should be held on the exact date when it was found, however, the world of business can be highly unpredictable. If that’s the case in your workplace, then feel free to find a compromise. If the company you work for is going through an important business period, then maybe it’s best to move the party to a more suitable date. After all, you want everyone to relax and have fun, from the CEO to newly hired interns.

Choose a venue that works for you

A venue plays a huge role, so be sure to find the one that works for corporate events best. Once you know a guest list number, start looking for suitable venues. You want something interesting, yet practical, especially if you’re looking to accommodate a lot of people at once.

But, before making a decision, you should know what type of event you’ll be having. For elegant dance parties, a ballroom is a perfect choice. On the other hand, if you want a laid-back atmosphere, you can go with any type of outdoor space, like a rooftop terrace or private garden restaurant.

Plan the catering

There’s no party without awesome food, so this is the part where you’re absolutely required to deliver. In this case, aim to be as diverse as possible, while still sticking to the budget. For example, try to include as many dietary options as you can, from vegan, vegetarian, to gluten and lactose-free. That way, everyone can be included. Also, the anniversary party can’t be without a cake, so make sure to choose the one sweet and healthy, to sweeten the party.

Make it pretty and fun

The decor is something that matters a lot, as it boosts the atmosphere and makes the party so much prettier. That’s why you should make sure that there are enough decor elements to add to the party atmosphere. For instance, if you plan to have a garden party or a classic summer barbeque feel free to hire light up letters and show everyone how proud you are of your important milestone. If you’re celebrating the 10th anniversary, then you might also organize something to commemorate the number.

Don’t forget about the party favours

Guests love to feel spoiled and pampered, especially by their company. The anniversary party is a perfect chance to give everyone a nod of appreciation. Gadgets, kitchen tools, writing materials and other branded products are all amazing gifts that the attendees will enjoy. A gift bag is also worth considering, especially if you’re gifting small, slick and pricier items.

Pick the best entertainment options

Dancing and drinking are all fun, but you want something a little extra, to warm up the atmosphere and get things going. You can plan a company quiz game or some type of competition. The opportunities are endless, just make sure to pick games that everyone can enjoy. If you’re having an outdoor party, you can play volleyball or play other fun games. You can even include special prizes for the winners.

Think of the safety

Since company parties are always exciting and fun, it’s important to think of the employees from other places. If you’re inviting people from other cities, then you should cover their travel and accommodation costs for one night. Additionally, be sure to think of your local employees as well. Most of the people will likely enjoy a few drinks, so covering their cab ride to avoid drunk driving is definitely a mindful idea.


Company anniversary is a big deal, so you should do your best to organize a party that will honor all the years of hard work. These tips will definitely help you get there, but feel free to be creative and adventurous, while making sure that everyone’s safe and included. Your company needs to be celebrated and rewarded for success, so creating a memorable anniversary event will mark that in history and ensure that your company is having a long-lasting impact.