The workplace environment has an immense impact on employee health, morale, and satisfaction. It impacts their productivity, communication, and even loyalty to their employers. 

In this article, you will learn how to build an employee-centric office.

Tailor Office Design to Employees’ Needs

Did you know that an average employee spends about 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime? Your staff members spend an alarmingly big portion of their day on work-related activities. As an employer renting commercial office space, you need to facilitate their jobs by keeping the workplace pleasant and healthy.

For starters, adapt the office design to your employees’ needs. Consider employees’ personalities and working styles. Talk to your employees about their interior design preferences. For example, while open plans are popular, they often come with huge privacy issues, noise, and distractions. 

Maximize Air Quality

Certain office design essentials can significantly impact employee wellbeing and productivity. One of them is the quality of air. According to statistics, businesses that reduce pollutants and increase air quality can boost employee performance by 11%. 

Here are a few simple steps to improve office air quality:

  • Maintain the right level of humidity. When air humidity is between 30 and 50, it prevents mold, dust mites, and similar allergens. 
  • Add office plants. Apart from the visual appeal, they also absorb toxins and produce more oxygen.
  • Declutter the office space. Hire a cleaning service to regularly dust, vacuum, and sanitize your workplace.
  • Use reliable air filtration systems and enable regular air conditioner service. Over time, dust and debris pile up behind the filters, compromising employees’ health.
  • Inspect and maintain your air ducts to improve air circulation.
  • Have your air quality tested regularly.

Improve Lighting

According to statistics, light boosts workers’ performance, productivity, and satisfaction. People seated within 10 feet of a window experience an 84% decrease in eyestrain, headaches, and blurred vision. 

You can improve natural lighting by adding skylights, allowing for larger windows, and removing bulky furniture that prevents sunlight. 

Also, use different types of lighting in the workplace, such as ambient lighting, task lighting, and so forth. In well-equipped home improvement stores like Renovator Store, you can find the right solution for your space, whether it`s a home office or a big co-working space. 

Boost Workplace Comfort

Like I have already mentioned above, employees spend most of their day in the office. Uncomfortable office furniture can harm their health, satisfaction, and, therefore, performance. It causes a spectrum of illnesses and chronic diseases, including back pain, headaches, musculoskeletal disorders, and so forth. 

That is why you should provide your staff members with an ergonomically designed office. For example, ergonomic chairs will support employees’ posture and provide greater comfort. 

You can also provide employees with different work areas, such as break rooms, open areas, conference rooms, etc. That way, you let them change their work environment and fight monotonous workstyles. 

Increase Office Safety

Increasing employee health and safety is your company’s top priority. 

For starters, build a strong health and safety policy. It is a comprehensive document, consisting of rules and tips for your employees to follow. Make it easily understandable and to the point. It should be shared with all employees and be available 24/7.

Workplace safety training is another way to increase employee health and safety. Educate employees about the common safety threats in your industry. The training program should educate employees on how to use dangerous equipment and what to do in case of an injury

Finally, make sure you comply with all safety protocols. For example, put labels on anything that carries a potential health risk. Use proper signage for slippery floors, high-voltage power sources, or machinery that requires PPE to use.

Inspire Employees to Adopt Healthy Lifestyles

Employees spend hours behind their computers and sitting at their desks. Precisely because of that, it is essential to educate employees on the benefits of healthy lifestyles. These include balanced diets, appropriate physical activities, and mental health. 

For starters, promote healthy eating at work. Provide enough fruit for everyone and replace chocolates and crisps with healthy options in the vending machines. 

To encourage employees to exercise regularly, consider creating a gym in the office or investing in gym memberships. Also, encourage them to stretch their legs during the workday and install standing desks.

Finally, prevent the risk of burnout by minimizing stress and setting reasonable deadlines. If an employee needs help and support, listen to them and provide them with professional help.


Employees are the key to your company’s success. Only by creating a healthy and employee-centered workplace can you attract and retain top talent. 

I hope these tips will help!