Same old boring office got you down? You don’t need a huge office renovation to change things up and add a little pizzazz to your workplace. We’ve come up with a few quick, simple solutions that do not need a lot of work, but can change and improve your workplace for the better.

Green it up!

Adding plants to a space is a quick, cheap and easy way to instantly brighten up a space. Not only do the plants help reduce that sterile, boring feel, they can also help to purify the air and improve wellbeing. Plants can also help people feel happier and reduce stress.

When looking for good plants, keep in mind the maintenance required. Some plants might require frequent watering, while others not at all. Additionally, light requirements for plants might vary. Low maintenance plants include succulents, snake plants and rubber tree plants.

Upgrade your lights

Lighting plays a huge part in affecting mood and work experience. Proper lighting can leave you feeling energized and recharged, while poor lighting could lead to additional strain. There are several things you could do to improve the lighting situation.

If you have older light bulbs, an quick and easy upgrade would be to replace them with newer, energy saving LED bulbs – you can improve the light quality and reduce energy consumption at the same time. Installing dimmers can help your team adjust the light to match their preferences.

Lightning Spark on iPhone

Power up with wireless charging

Wireless charging can be a really easy win for your workplace. It adds more charging options, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power. At the same time, it helps to hide unsightly wires, reducing the clutter and improving the aesthetics of your workplace.

The nice thing about wireless charging is that it can be retrofitted into your existing tables. There’s no need to purchase new tables or remodel your office, while adding a lot of extra functionality into the space.

Change the height

Standing desks are a popular item for the workplace nowadays. Research has shown that sitting for long periods of time is unhealthy and adds significant risk for health issues. Standing desks are a way to counteract those issues, encouraging your team to change their patterns of sitting at work.

You don’t even have to replace your desks to get the benefits of a standing desks. Workstation adjusters can help mimic the effects of a standing desk by creating surfaces that are height adjustable. This is a convenient and easy way to experience a standing desk without going through a full workstation replacement.