You’ve done it. Finally. You’ve created the perfect workplace. You have the best coffee machine, sit-stand desks, and even managed to find a heritage building with lots of natural light and high ceilings. But you forgot one of the most important parts. There’s one thing you forgot in your meeting rooms, the place you host all those important meetings… a wireless charging table! Here are the 3 reasons why you need a table with wireless charging:

Keep People Powered

Heading to a meeting? If you’re going to walk into any modern workspace today, you’ll be greeted by an open and airy reception and offered some (hopefully) pretty good coffee while you wait. As you walk to the meeting room you’ll likely see an open office, staff connecting and collaborating, a cool kitchen space and maybe even a lounge. Step into the meeting room and the table is reclaimed wood.

This type of setting is pretty common, and so is the 5 minutes you spend after entering the meeting room looking for an outlet and then asking someone if they have a spare Lightning Cable because you forgot yours. We’ve all experienced it.

People need to be powered without taking turns in the corner of the room to charge their devices. Wireless charging does this by keeping the power where you want and need it – right where you place your phone on the table when you sit down.

Keep your space beautiful



So you have your reclaimed wood table, custom built for your meeting room. It’s the crown jewel of the office. You’re not going to want to drill grommets through it. Luckily, power in your table doesn’t mean that you have to destroy it.

ChargeSpot creates a table with wireless charging, without breaking the surface, by installing the charger underneath the surface. Design is about seamlessness and this is exactly what you get with a wireless charging table vs conventional grommet methods. Some contract furniture manufacturers already offer wireless charging built right in like Decca Contact.

Keep Your Workspace usable


Table with Wireless Charging Installed - ChargeSpot Installed - Underside

Installing wireless charging by ChargeSpot underneath the table surface keeps the tabletop usable

The other downside to a bunch of cords sticking out of a table is that space becomes unusable. A better alternative provided by a table with wireless charging is the ability to maintain the tablespace. The table surface remains intact so it can be used in an ordinary manner when devices are not being charged. It’s what makes a table with wireless charging much more functionally attractive.

Only a 3M decal remains visible on the surface

Denoted by just a 3M decal, your wireless charging location in the table will maintain the same look and feel as any other part of the table when not in use. Here you get both style and function. Yes, it really is possible.

And it’s as easy as that. Getting a table with wireless charging technology means that your workplace experience remains as seamless and beautiful as you want it to be, while making it as functional as you need it to be.