No need to go scraping the internet for office design trends – we’ve done the research for you! Stay up to date with the latest news and developments of the industry with these 6 engaging blogs.

1. Office Snapshots

Office Snapshots stays true to its mission of inspiring office design. Highlighting some of the most innovative and stunning offices around the world, it’ll provide you with some captivating ideas for the next reno!

Here are some of our favorite reads:
Clover Network Offices – Sunnyvale
TaorayWang Offices – Shanghai

2. Workplace Insight

This popular site is the most widely read workplace design and management blog in the UK – but not to worry, there’s still plenty of content applicable to the North American reader! Covering a wide range of office trends relevant to ‘people, places and technology,’ Workplace Insight is one you’ll want to keep up with.

Here are some of our favorite reads:
Alternate Workplaces Strategies Explored As Demand for US Offices Grows
Graduates Want Meaningful Work and a Fully Digitised Worplace

3. Work Design Magazine

‘Exploring ideas that shape the places we work’ is the slogan at Work Design Magazine. By subscribing, you’ll get access to thought-provoking articles that focus on human behaviour and draw implications for office design.

Here are some of our favorite reads:
Linking Health and Human Performance to the Built Environment
Why Coworking Makes People Happier and Healthier 

4. Enviable Workspace

With exciting posts centered around business leadership, culture and productivity, you’ll also find some brilliant reads on how particular office features affect the individual worker at Enviable Workplace!

Here are some of our favorite reads:
Office Clutter’s Surprising Impact on Your Employees’ Output
Acoustics in the Workplace – The Sound of Success 

5. iOffice

iOffice is an IWMS provider; however, the engaging blog posts on its website delve beyond the logistics of facility management and provide industry news and trends for workspace design and office communication strategies.

Here are some of our favorite reads:
6 Characteristics of the Innovative Workspace 
Thinking Outside the Box – How Cubicles Can Inspire Your Workforce 


Sensyst Blog by the Business Interiors Group provides detailed accounts of products you might find in your office – especially furniture, in addition to general tips on design. You’ll learn lots in preparation for the next furniture purchase or design layout decision!

Here are some of our favorite reads:
Proper Ergonomics in the Workplace 
Focus on Furniture: The Latest Seating Innovations 


7. Workspaces

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