We’re thrilled to be returning to NeoCon this year, bringing our wireless charging technology to the most important contract furniture expo in North America. Last year, we wowed designers, dealers and facility managers with our technology, and this year, we’re going to do the same with improved offerings. Here’s what you can expect from ChargeSpot at NeoCon 2016: 


We are really excited to be showing you the latest model of ChargeSpot – the ChargeSpot E15. We’ve increased the power and range of the ChargeSpot, while still keeping the same installation and form factor. The ChargeSpot E15 will support fast wireless charging while still maintaining the under surface, seamless design that ChargeSpots are known for.


Connect, the smart wireless charging platform, has evolved and grown since we last showcased it at NeoCon in 2015. Connect now not only monitors and manages your ChargeSpot deployments, it can also enable advanced interactions with your mobile devices, creating truly smart environments.


We’ve partnered with leading OEMs and dealers to bring wireless charging to major markets in North America. See ChargeSpots integrated in furniture lines in manufacturer showrooms, and learn how we can retrofit your existing furniture to support wireless charging.

With all these great things to see at NeoCon, what are you waiting for? Book a meeting with us today to learn more about wireless charging at NeoCon 2016.