Coworking spaces are all the rage right now in the modern business environment. With companies increasingly outsourcing their needs to experienced freelancers, and digital technology eliminating geographical borders between companies, partners, and clients, it’s no wonder that everyone is rushing to secure their membership at one of the notable coworking facilities around town.

These spaces are tailor-made for the freelancer, or whole teams, of tomorrow, relying on intelligent building and DSP design solutions. Equipped with the latest in technology, decorated for maximum productivity and performance, and designed to incentivize communication and interaction while imbuing the setting with a homey vibe, this is truly the place to build a career in. Here’s how you can make a coworking space of your own that will attract the top talent from around the business world.

Go wireless across the board

Wireless technology is no longer the future, it is the inextricable part of the present and it’s the first thing you should consider introducing into your office space. We live in a digital age, and nowadays people not only want to be able to enjoy a strong Wi-Fi connection whether they’re chilling in the lounge or working in a productivity booth, but they also want full support for all of their devices at any given moment.

This is why wireless charging should be an essential feature your guests can enjoy across your office space. What’s more, it’s important to understand that technology as a whole has become an essential component of business, and that millennials want and need technology and other features to seamlessly enrich their everyday life at your office.

Embrace the open plan concept

Open-plan living has been a popular thing for many years now, but the trend is yet to fully take over the inherently apprehensive business industry. In business, it’s either get with the times or fall behind, so be sure to embrace the exciting trend and knock down a wall or two before it’s too late. If a law firm can do it, so can you.

People want and need a space that breathes, a space imbued with positivity and freedom in every possible way. This type of space also inspires and incentivizes healthy communication, true coworking, and allows for amazing ideas to come to life. Do keep in mind, though: there needs to be balance between spaciousness and privacy, so make sure the space offers quiet booths where people can enjoy uninterrupted peace and quiet.

Create a multifunctional space

Speaking of designing the space for privacy as well as freedom, the modern coworking space is much more than a place where people can plug in their laptops and pretend to work for the better part of the day. This is a place where work and play need to come together, and innovative architecture firms such as Superdraft emphasize the need to create a multifunctional space where people can work, play, relax, and enjoy their day to the fullest.

Not only will this spread the word of your facility as the friendliest coworking space in town, but it will also attract various guest types with varying needs. This space you’re creating should be purpose-built for your average freelancer or executive manager, yes, but if you truly want to stand out, you shouldn’t forget about people with special needs. Creating a wheelchair-accessible office and equipping every space with technology that helps individuals with impairments will go a long way in creating an amazing brand the industry will love and respect.

Go above and beyond the call of duty

Speaking of catering to a niche audience, nowadays the best-performing coworking facilities are those that truly go above and beyond the initial call of duty. Full-service coworking is all the rage right now, and if you truly want to dazzle every guest, you want to design a space that will accommodate a variety of scenarios.

From cocktail parties to formal gatherings, from intimate office parties all the way to VIP events where important people from the business world can entertain their esteemed colleagues and potential partners – you should offer it all.

Let your brand’s identity permeate the setting

Lastly, it’s important to understand that there can be no long-term success in the business world if you don’t create a recognizable brand. Branding is the lifeblood of your company, and if you want your coworking space to stand out from the rest in the competitive market, you will need to create a unique logo, color scheme, as well as a unique value set your guests will identify with on an emotional level.

An excellent idea that will drive traffic to your office is to make these values relevant to the modern employee, CEO, or freelancer. Causes such as environmentalism, sustainability, or donating a percentage of membership fees to a charity are all viable business tactics that also aim to make the world a better place.


Coworking spaces are extremely popular in this digital day and age, creating an opportune environment for entrepreneurs to launch their own coworking office and build a thriving career. With these design tips in mind, you can easily create an inspiring shared office the modern workforce will love.