Employers have finally embraced the presence and use of cell phones in the modern workspace. They have even found ways to boost productivity through employees’ personal devices – by designing custom or using pre-designed apps that encourage greater work collaboration and efficiency.

Think of phone applications for Slack or Dropbox. Not only do these tools allow employees to get their work done while away from their desk, they also create a flexible work environment that many Millennial employees today expect and want.

In order to keep phones connected and their staff productive, employers can offer wireless charging desktop stations throughout their office space. By doing so, they are facilitating a new aspect of workspace proficiency and convenience.

Here are five ways wireless charging in the workplace can benefit employees.


1. Enhanced Mobility

Millennials don’t want to be stuck by a desk all day. According to Gartner Group, employees today spend only 40% of their time at their desks. This means that they want the freedom to move around the office and pick a workstation that provides the best comfort, inspiration, and collaboration with others.

In order to accommodate this want, offices must invest in technologies that provide mobility around the workspace. With offices equipped with a wireless charging desk, employees can freely move around without having to worry about carrying their phone or tablet chargers with them, allowing them to move between different settings for teamwork or independent work.


2. Boosted Productivity

Gone are the days when employers frowned upon the use of cellphones during office hours. This attitude was backed by the fact that many thought that cell phone use negatively impacted a workers’ productivity.

A surprising study by Frost & Sullivan revealed that use of cell phones adds about an hour of productivity daily. It also states that employees reported an overall increase of 34% in productivity by using their cell phones throughout their workday.  

However, none of these stats matter if employees aren’t able to keep their phones charged. With the rise of flexible workstations, open concept offices, and lack of sufficient power outlets, it’s often hard to keep phones powered.

If charging a cell phone is as easy as putting it down, employers will find that their staff is less likely to waste time moving around the office to power their phones multiple times throughout the day. The answer? A desk with wireless charging.

Wireless charging stations not only reduce battery anxiety among employees but also allows them to concentrate on their tasks and boost overall productivity. 


3. Keep Employees Connected

How many times have you arrived at your office to find that your cell phone battery is less than 50%? You reach into your bag, only to find out that you forget to pack your charger. Frustration levels rise high as you go hunt for an extra charging cable around the office. In this case, a desk with a wireless charging station is likely to reduce any battery-related anxiety.

With wireless charging stations around the office, employees are less likely to struggle to keep their phones charged and connected. They can make use of charging stations throughout common work or utility areas, and the added benefit is the decluttering of workspaces (think cord-free desks!).


4. Mess-free workstations

Charging without wires is not only handy, it’s also a source for an organized, mess-free workstation. With open concept offices on the rise, you often see a lot of cables running around desktops, and in and around the office floors. Because wireless charging in the workplace is normally equipped with Qi charging pads, this means that you’ll no longer have to suffer the curse of a messy workstation – or a busted charging cable.

Qi wireless charging tech is universal, so it can be used to replace a whole range of charges and can be used by multiple devices such as a phone, smartwatch, and tablet.


5. Simple Integration

Do you work with different types of devices in the office? An android phone + an Apple tablet? Then you know the struggle is real to keep tabs on the different charging cables throughout the day. The best advantage of having a desk with wireless charging is that it can integrate with almost all types of cell phones, no matter the shape and size of it’s charging socket. Wireless charging is simpler, safer, and more attractive.

As of now, office managers and IT departments should start embracing Qi technology that can help keep their employees powered and productive.