coworking space

Living as a digital nomad is very exciting. You get to travel the world, explore many interesting destinations, and acquire many new skills every day. Additionally, you get to work and finance your lifestyle filled with adventure. But, it’s not all daisies and roses! To work efficiently and reach your best potential, you need a good work environment. Sometimes, sitting at your hotel room alone or trying to get work done in a busy coffee shop just doesn’t cut it—you need an affordable, practical, and pleasant “office”. Luckily, most digital nomads have an option to work from a coworking space with all the necessary amenities like Wi-Fi, telephone, conference room, and break room. Finding such a space can be a bit tricky, so here’s how to do it right. 

Will you use it daily?

Most coworking spaces work based on membership, so make sure you actually use the space regularly. If you love to change your environment often to boost your productivity, paying a monthly fee might not be your best option in a financial sense. You also need to consider the commitment, because circumstances change quickly and even if you think you’ll be staying somewhere for longer, you might change your mind. In that case, you need to be looking for a place that allows short-notice cancelations. 

What are your work goals?

Your list of coworking space requirements needs to be based on your work goals. For instance, you might require conference-call options at all times, or you might just need access to a printer or reliable Wi-Fi. Your business needs always come before your wants—don’t let your emotions override your reasoning. Create a list of necessities and you’ll certainly find a coworking space that can serve them. 

If the space doesn’t meet all your essential needs, the design and feel of it shouldn’t matter much. Before you find a good spot to work in Berlin or settle on a conveniently-located serviced office in Brisbane, you need to establish your work goals that will determine your search. 

How are your work hours?

Some people work best at night (or need to do so due to time difference), so you’ll need to find a place that’s open round-the-clock. To stay flexible and achieve good time management, consider your work requirements, and set them around your coworking space office hours. 

Consider the location?

Today, most places from Canada to Australia have coworking spaces, so you won’t have issues finding ones on your trip. But, once you find a few options at your destination, it’s time to narrow down your options and consider the distance of your coworking space from your accommodation. And even if the distance isn’t ideal, you can consider public transport or renting a car. You can easily find affordable car rental in Brisbane that will allow you to choose a coworking space that fits your needs even if it’s not exactly close to your accommodation. With a car at your disposal, you can make work your priority.  

Do you want company?

Many people require a supportive and dynamic community in order to work better, grow, and advance in their careers. If you want to have a good company in your coworking space, find an office that promotes easy interaction between people. Getting to know people will not only help your career but also shoo away homesickness. If you’re not into making friends, but just want to collaborate professionally, find a space that’s filled with people from your business branch. 

Are there any perks?

Today, almost every city in the world has at least a few coworking spaces. Since they are getting more and more popular, coworking spaces need to stay relevant and set themselves apart from the competition by offering perks to their members. Most spaces have a lounge room and minute kitchen, but some even offer free drinks and snacks, gym access with stretching exercises and yoga, and even a library where you can find useful information that will make your work easier. 

Can you get a tour?

Any coworking space can be made to look impressive online, but if you have the opportunity, try to check out the space in person before you reserve a spot. Have a tour of the facility and see if you can use it for a day to see how it feels. This will provide you with insight into the workspace culture and whether or not it fits your work goals and lifestyle. When working from home, you can always find ways to improve the environment, but you don’t have such luxury in a coworking space, so get a good whiff of the atmosphere and talk to other members.

If you follow these steps and ask yourself the aforementioned questions, you will easily narrow down your search and find a good coworking spot. No matter how many spots you have at your disposal, it all boils down to the atmosphere and your career goals. In most cases, if your gut is telling you to become a member, you won’t make the wrong choice.