The number of self-employed workers is on a steady rise and the demand for coworking space has been in demand. Studies have shown that entrepreneurs, remote workers and freelancers are slowly taking over the job market, and in the US alone they make up 31% of the workforce, according to studies done by MBO Partners. Unfortunately, being self-employed, these people often have to work in conditions far from ideal – in improvised home offices, at kitchen tables, or coffee shops, isolated from other like-minded people. 

This is where you step in with your coworking space, where you offer these people a chance to work in a professional environment, surrounded by other entrepreneurs. However, you need to find a way to reach this demographic, and that is no easy task.

Determine your target audience

Marketing is your one-way ticket to success, and to be able to market your services to a highly specialized demographic, you need to start from the beginning. As in any marketing endeavour, firstly you have to determine your audience. You must know what their needs are to be able to provide solutions to cater to those needs. 

Secondly, you have to find out where they spend their time online. Once you have established a persona for your target audience – determining who your consumers are, their likes and dislikes, their habits, daily routine, etc. you will be able to know just what type of content they want, and how you can show them your value.

Image by Rahul Top from Pixabay

Find solutions to their problems

By doing extensive market research, you will get to know the ins and outs of your target clients. What problems are they facing? Is their home office too cramped? Are the kids playing in the living room too loud? Is their lack of contact with other coworkers killing their creativity? It’s up to you to find out and offer solutions to these particular problems. Depending on who you’re talking to, your content will change accordingly. 

What are your advantages? 

The most important thing is to show your audience the advantages of working with you in a coworking space. While other smart entrepreneurs have found a way to get their slice of the “coworking space” cake, and competition is stiff, you still need to identify how you are superior to the competition. Consider the perks you are ready to offer your clients. This can be as simple as a discount for first-time users, 24-hour access which is great for those who work for companies in other time zones, a lounge area with free snacks and beverages, or even a group insurance plan. Whatever you choose, make sure that you advertise it on all platforms. 

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Research what channels and formats you should use

If you have done your audience research properly, then you should know where each persona spends their time online. This is where you should publish the appropriate content. These platforms may include social media, blogs, forums, your website, etc. Depending on the platform and your audience, you will want to publish your content in various formats, be it text, video, photos, or other forms of multimedia. And make sure that your audience can access that content on their phones.

Properly manage the creation and publishing of content

When it comes to managing your content, there are several things to consider, and it may be a bigger task than it seemed at first. You should develop a proper schedule for publishing your content first, and this is usually done every month. The best solution would be to classify the content by topic, with different types of content for each platform and target audience. 

Then you need to think about the frequency of publication since there are platforms that demand regular publishing. Also, your audience may be used to getting content from you on a regular basis, like a new blog post every week, or those subscribed to your newsletter. All of this, and even much more, can be done by a professional content marketing firm that specializes in SEO and copywriting, which will take the pressure off of you and your team, all the while making you look good online. 

See what works and what doesn’t

Consequently, by having a helping hand from experts, you will see what kind of content works with your particular audience, and what simply doesn’t. Fortunately, even if you don’t hire a marketing firm, you will still be able to see engagement on certain platforms, like social media, since they provide analytical reports. You can also get a traffic tracker tool to oversee the engagement on your blog or website. By studying these reports carefully, you will be able to see what works and what content should be rewritten. 

In conclusion

What you can take from this text is that proper audience research is crucial for a good marketing strategy in order to promote your coworking space. Not just that, but to be able to reach your audience, you need good engaging content. To stay relevant on search platforms like Google, research what SEO you should incorporate into your content. Lastly, good planning will just increase the effectiveness of your content strategy.