Wireless charging furniture is an interesting piece of technology that’s sweeping the industry. However, it also became an unexpected source of workplace satisfaction, providing a number of benefits for many workers, and subsequently, their employers too.

In just about a decade’s time, smart phones have become an integral part of a person’s life. Gone are the days when a mobile phone was deemed a nuisance – employers have embraced the fact that mobile is king, allowing their employees to have access to at least a personal or a work smart phone for both productivity and workplace satisfaction.

While wireless internet or wifi became the catalyst for a flexible, modern workplace, wireless mobile phone charging is the missing puzzle piece to that bigger picture. Yes, furniture with wireless charging might just be the integral item that contributes to workplace happiness, adding convenience and creating a solution for the constant lack of power many smart phone users often face.

Wireless Charging Furniture: Productivity Booster?

The old school train of thought dictates that mobile phones would negatively impact productivity. However, studies point to the contrary: data from Frost & Sullivan show that using smart phones and other mobile devices actually add about an hour of productivity daily, and a 34% efficiency at work for employees who rely on their smart phones for certain apps.

However, this productivity boost is only good when the devices used are reliable. Wireless charging in furniture would help employees, as an independent study revealed people would charge phones at the office more than once a day. Peak charging times at the office are 9 AM, 1PM, and 4 PM. Furniture with wireless charging, then, eliminates battery anxiety, as employees would just easily place their phone down to regain power.

Wireless Charging May Lead to More Flexible Workspaces

Many employees often struggle with needing multiple chargers, and it’s not just for people with multiple gadgets. Often, people tend to buy a charger for each place they frequent, like the home, their car, and the workplace. While a number of employees have a charger on hand at their desks, there are times they will need to stay connected in common areas like breakout spaces, pantries and cafeterias, and conference rooms.

Adding wireless charging to these common spaces saves time, effort, and even money in the long run. While the idea of providing charging cables seems like an easy option, for a workplace to provide and keep bundles upon bundles of extra cables with different options like USB-C, Lighting, and micro-USB just isn’t too practical. With multiple users, these cables may fray easily, cost quite a bit, and sometimes even get stolen (intentional or not). They may even become tripping hazards, and let’s face it, they look messy and unkempt half the time in a public space. Furniture with wireless charging becomes a simpler, attractive, and much safer solution.

Wireless charging furniture is here, and it is not simply a trend. ResearchAndMarkets.com recently published a report that the wireless charging market will grow from a projected $8 million US in 2020 to an astounding $407 million US in 2025. With technology and work environments leading to people being always on the go (think: wifi, the cloud, telecommuting), furniture with wireless charging may just become an office fixture every workplace should invest in.