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If you’ve been growing and cultivating your business for yours, it might be ready to move to its own offices. The new premises should reflect your company’s culture and offer security and comfort to workers and clients. But what to do when office space is scarce in your area? It’s time to start from scratch and make space for your offices! Here are just some of the features that need to be present in your new office building: 

Be sure of your location

Before you start discussing your design with architects and interior designers, you need to make sure your location is 100% appropriate. Allow this stage to last however long it needs because the location is something that’s very hard to change once you start building. Be sure to wait for the right plot of land in your area. 

Don’t neglect security

Once you’re sure of your location, it’s time to hire contractors and start discussing your design with professionals. As the office space slowly takes shape, you might want to consider security. Don’t wait until you start working and thieves break in to steal your data or valuable equipment. Protect the office space from damage and plan for a good security system. Don’t cheap out but get the best possible package with movement detectors, recording options, flood detectors, and fire detectors. In case anything happens in your office building, from the inside or outside, you’ll know that you and your space are protected and workplace happiness stays maintained. 

office building

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Come up with a functional floor plan

The open space plan is still going strong, especially when it comes to smaller office spaces that benefit from the easy cooperation and unity of the company. So no matter how big or small your building is going to be, you can maximize the space by choosing a more open-plan layout. 

Australians are experts when it comes to this type of design, so if you want the best designs, consult with experts who specialize in drafting services in Sidney. These seasoned professionals will make sure that your office building is functional, innovative, and accessible to everyone. Your expert designer will create an open layout that will make the most out of your space and give employees more room to collaborate. When employees can communicate and collaborate easily, you will surely have a more efficient workplace. 

Consider employee comfort 

Modern offices are designed in a way that minimizes stress and fatigue in employees who use them. Create a budget that will be dedicated to buying ergonomic office furniture. This furniture not only looks very contemporary but also decreases rates of back pain in users. High-quality furniture reduces back pain, boosts comfort, and minimizes absenteeism.  Keep your workers’ well-being in mind when designing your office. 

Incorporate energy efficiency

Offices waste a lot of energy, mostly due to inefficient appliances and fixtures. When discussing office look with your designer, make sure to highlight energy efficiency. By introducing LED lights, water, and electricity-saving fixtures and appliances and maximizing natural light, you can save a lot of money in the long run. 

Integrate cutting-edge office technology

Technology has penetrated every part of our lives. Especially affecting the way we do work. Make sure that tech is integrated into your new office building. Do that by introducing building electrical outlets at each workstation. This has to be done in order to reduce the need for extension cables. Invest in practical communication tools that will take your business communication to the next level and welcoming rapid wireless charging

Whiteboards have always been an integral part of office equipment. But rather than using old whiteboards, you can invest in something more interactive. Interactive whiteboards are touchscreen devices that function as a whiteboard but can also be used for presentations, training, research, and other purposes. 

Create appropriate break space

Modern offices are more than just places where people come to do their 9-5 shifts and go home. Today, people invest a lot of dedication to their companies, so allowing proper breaks from the office environment is crucial for creativity and wellbeing. A good break room can not only allow rest, but also aid productivity. 

And here’s another great thing about break spaces—you can be as creative as you want when designing them. You can make them fun and active or peaceful and cool, the decision is on you and your workers, but make sure to create something inviting and relaxing for the brain. Talk to your designer and invest in comfort, entertainment, and practical break room supplies and fixtures. 

Designing an office building from scratch can be a challenge, but one that will reap great rewards once your project is finished. You will not only have a building to use throughout your career, but also a space that invites quality workers by sparking creativity, providing wellbeing, and offering the best security.