One of the best ways to feel comfortable in your office is to do some design work and add a personal touch to it. Many workplaces encourage workers to make the offices truly unique because it improves morale and motivation and increases employee retention. While you can go all out with decoration, there are also a few easy and interesting ways you can customize your workspace, so pick something you like and get to work. 

Introduce some art

Probably the most elegant yet simple way to add some character to your office is to grab one or two art pieces. Pick out something that brings you comfort no matter if it’s a landscape portrait, an abstract work or a piece of memorabilia you have saved. Your art will be fun to look at, provide you with motivation and relaxation, and serve as great conversation starters for clients and customers. Art can be very therapeutic and help you see the world through someone else’s eyes. 


Bring your family with you

If you want to customize your space and add something truly personal to your office, encourage your family to get crafty and make you something for your desk. Kids will love to help you with your decoration and will feel proud if you display their art in your office. You can go simple with salt dough handprints or go a little bit more demanding with pottery pen holders—whatever your family feels like it will fit well in your space. 

Green it up

Even the darkest of offices can benefit from a plant or two, so make sure to customize your office by greening it up. Plants offer various benefits like improved focus, a healthier environment, more pleasant aesthetic impression, and a warmer vibe. If you’re not an expert with plants, you can still grow low-maintenance greenery like Peace Lily, Snake Plant, Devil’s Ivy, or Philodendron—these plants grow best when neglected. Just check with your supervisor whether you can have plants and what kind (some offices prohibit certain kinds due to allergies).  

Why not add a rug?

If you have an open space office (quite popular in big business centers of Europe, Australia, and New Zealand) a rug can do miracles for your aesthetic.  No matter what kind of design you choose—an Oriental rug or faux fur carpet—you will add some warmth and character to your space. However, don’t just go with any model. Offices are high-traffic areas, so choose something high-quality, durable, and natural. One great solution is to use natural rugs from NZ since these models offer both style and exquisite durability. Extra elegance, softness, and sound insulation will help turn your office into a practical, comfortable, and chic space. 

Light up your business world

If you’re not blessed with huge windows in your workspace, you can always add lighting on your own and add a personal touch to the space while you’re at it. A freestanding lamp is always a sophisticated and professional way to illuminate your space, but if you don’t have space for it, you can always opt for a modern desk lamp to customize it even more. If you’re aiming for a chill yet chic vibe, you can even drape some fairy lights over shelves, especially now that the holidays are coming. 

Accessorize with tech

If you love gadgets, it’s time to introduce tech to your office and make your space both beautiful and practical. Bring in a smart light bulb that changes color and can be operated with your smartphone. Or grab a portable projector that will allow you to impress your clients with easy-to-see content but also give you a way to display all sorts of visual art with a touch of your smartphone or a click on your laptop. 

Make it comfy and healthy

Not all customization projects are about aesthetics and fun—some need to concentrate on your health. We are all different, yet offices are all built the same, so there’s no way they can fit every worker. Luckily, you can always modify your space to fit your body and improve your health and performance. Many people already suffer from sitting-related pain, so having an office that’s designed for your spine will make your workday a little bit less painful. For instance, you can get a standing desk, a more ergonomic chair, and invest in a quality mousepad. All these office environment improvements will help you relieve pain, improve comfort, and boost your overall health and satisfaction. 

Your office is where you spend a huge portion of your time, so how about a few changes that will turn your workspace into a beautiful, comfortable, and healthy environment? Adopt a few of these ideas and see how your new workspace makes you feel.