Furniture with wireless charging may solve “Nomophobia”. Low battery anxiety is becoming a real thing, and there’s now a term for it. Last week the Wall Street Journal reported on “Nomophobia”. As they describe it the term refers to no-mobile-phobia, which “describes the fear people can feel when they are out of mobile contact entirely.”

The WSJ piece went on to discuss the various studies that have revolved around testing user anxiety when placed away from their phones. The fear is so real that there’s even been an app called “Die with me” created so users can chat with each other as their phone batteries finally run out.

While the app contains some funny conversations and is light-hearted, sometimes there is more at stake. Not that FOMO on what your friends are posting on Instagram is trivial, but in business phone batteries are crucial. Our founder initially came up with the idea for ChargeSpot, after nearly missing a client call on a deal that was closing, because of a dead phone. In the investment banking world, this is a big deal.

“Nomophobics” aren’t just limited to investment bankers or lawyers. In today’s digital world, most big companies will have a team of employees that cover social media. You may tweet at events to build your own influencer profile and personal brand. Can you imagine the anxiety of a 10% battery when leaving a meeting to head to a company event as a Social Media Strategist or Agency employee?

Cure Nomophobia

Samsung S7 Edge Charging on ChargeSpot

Furniture with wireless charging changes this. It will keep your nomophobia at bay. Sure, you may have the ability to bring a cord and battery pack with you everywhere you go in the office. But once furniture with wireless charging becomes standard in the workplace, you won’t have to.

First off, people forget things. Having a cord everywhere isn’t feasible. Secondly, the time it takes you to find an outlet may be an issue.

Finally, simply placing your phone down on a surface becomes a habit once you have a wireless charging. Placing your phones down for little charges throughout the day is habit-forming.

It may not give you 100% battery if you’re moving around the office and meetings daily, but wireless charging will give you what you need for productivity. Furthermore, Wireless charging in furniture will keep you from the dreaded 10% or less battery zone. Hopefully, out of any dying-battery app chatrooms too!