Most of us live almost half of our lives working in an office. We can easily become demotivated or even depressed if our working environment isn’t satisfactory on a lot of levels. That’s why there has been an increase in adding a little life to our space by incorporating plants in our nearby working spaces. It lightens up the mood to see a living plant thriving in your environment generating oxygen. Even if you have a work-from-home office you can also incorporate plants because it does bring extra health benefits to the table.

Let’s look at some adorable ideas to showcase your plants in your office:

Your Own Office Space 

If you have your own private office then you have enough space to customize things to your liking. Instead of just putting a plant on your desk you have much more options to choose from. Walls, floors, window sills are all up for the taking! Below are some ideas that apply to the different opportunities you have to decorate your working space with plants. 

Bigger plants like the Leaf Fig can be displayed on the floor, while smaller plants like the Monstera can be placed on a window sill. The kind of plant you are going to buy will depend on the lighting in your office. You should make sure of how to care for indoor plants specific to each one’s needs. Succulents are always the best way to go if you don’t have sufficient light coming through, whereas anything floral will need enough light to remain healthy and thriving.

If you have a big space and you want a large plant on the floor, consider buying a plant stand for the pot to stand on. This will have a very stylish look to it. White pots can be timeless and trendy, making a great feature. You can always spice it up a little and use a pot with a quote you like or an adorable animal face on it. If you are a very creative person you can even customize your pot plant with recycled objects like empty coca-cola bottles.

Reusing, reducing, and recycling have always been trendy and cool. You can use empty 2-liter bottles by cutting up one of the sides and then you can place it sideways on the wall with the plant coming out. You could paint the side with the cap white halfway through to give it a trendy look, while the other half stays transparent showing off the natural ground inside of the bottle. 

What If I Only Have a Small Space? 

If you have a small space like a cubicle, then you should look into hanging plants. As this will eventually end up as a small hole in the wall you should run it by your employer first to make sure that it’s not a problem. If it is a problem, then no worries you can hang your plant over partition walls by using a hanger – you can also customize your own by using metal rope and fastening it to the top of the wall and the pot.

You can also use a sort of mini-desk for your plants so that your office supplies can still be displayed under your pot plant. If you have anything to elevate the plant, it can be really helpful if you need most of the space for your supplies. A collection of smaller plants or one medium-sized plant can transform the look of your desk. Bigger isn’t always better.

Shared Desk 

You don’t want to take up too much space since that could cause conflicts with you and your other colleagues. You can still bring in some natural foliage. Especially if there’s a lot of natural light – you will have access to a variety of plants that might flourish in your area. 

Hopefully, your colleague will enjoy the beautiful scene you’ve created. Just add some smaller individual plants where your space starts and his space ends – this can also act as a sort of invisible wall. You can also use the opportunity to create privacy between you and your colleague by adding a medium-size plant. Also, consider a terrarium – this is a transparent pot (usually circular) that has a small space open and you can put a couple of smaller plants in it as well as pretty rocks to create a sort of small forest in transparent glass. It can be very beautiful.


When considering what types of plants to choose, you’ll have to think about the lighting in your workspace. You will also have to consider how much maintenance certain plants will need. You will also have to make sure that if it affects someone else, that they don’t have a problem with it. Ultimately, it even makes a great gift idea for a colleague and will probably lighten everybody’s mood and keep you a bit more positive for the working day.