If you’re planning to move your office to a new place, keep reading because our tips are guaranteed to turn your relocation into a success. Moving your business is never easy, be it small or big, because it involves handling bulky equipment, numerous supplies, and essential paperwork. Still, if you organize well and manage to get your employees to help, you’ll be back to making it big in no-time.

Decide how to delegate the tasks

Since this is not a solo endeavor but a whole company’s affair, you might want to consider assigning a task to teams or employees. One portion of workers could handle creating the inventory list, while the other could obtain packing materials or something of a sort. 

It could be smart to let the ones who are already proficient in, say, IT to handle that aspect, and those who deal with administration prepare the documentation. Just make sure to be loud and clear on everyone’s part and the deadlines. 

Contact professionals

Remember that if you use long distance moving services to help you, the amount of work for you and your employees will shrink as professional long distance movers will offer to provide the supplies, pack and transport everything. Some companies excel in corporate moves, so tasks that could take you hours are part of their routine and go without a hitch.

Still, make sure you book on time since top-rated companies have their hands full, especially during the peak season, which is summer. Don’t risk with mediocre companies, but rather prioritize finding a great one and scheduling on time.

Make an inventory List

Regardless of whether you opt for professionals or not, an inventory list is a must. It should contain all supplies and equipment you have on your premises with data on their numbers. Besides, you should also write down what your archive entails or what other papers you’ll be needing in the future. Nobody wants to lose something of relevance, so you should approach this seriously.

If you go for expert long distance movers, you’ll still be needing this list. Based on it, the company will give you a reliable quote so that you can work out your expenses. But, more importantly, it will help them make sure absolutely nothing is damaged or lost.

Pack everything up

Packing is crucial when it comes to protecting your business supplies and equipment. If you’re letting professionals do it for you, you’re saving your time, energy, and money and, in the long run, making a wise move. With experts, there’s no way something can go wrong, and even if it does, insurance will cover any damage or loss.

Still, if you’d like your employees to pack for an office move before the movers arrive, make sure you have a strategy. These are some major tips for this task:

  • Disassemble all furniture and protect the pieces with packing materials,
  • Unplug all electronic devices and pack them in boxes with extra padding,
  • Make sure you pack all electric cords properly to avoid damage,
  • Take care of your paperwork and label it appropriately,
  • Remind all employees to pack their personal belongings in advance.

Take a day off for moving

This is one of the best moving hacks since many employers believe that they’ll be able to cram in work while relocating. Yet, this is quite unrealistic and unnecessary. If you set the date on time, you’ll be able to make up for this day and give your workers the luxury to focus solely on the move.

Besides, consider doing something special the first day after the move so that you give your employers the energy to continue their work in high spirits. Some people like changes, some don’t, but the majority will appreciate free drinks or some sort of festive vibes.

Before you leave, don’t forget

Most businesses change their facilities at least once due to different factors, so don’t let this take your energy or stress you out more than it should. If you take your time and organize the job well, there’s nothing to be scared about, and the more times you do it as a team, the more tips and hacks you’ll learn until you become real veterans. Finally, professional moving services are a huge plus and entirely worth investing in. Movers who excel in corporate moves are sure to give you a hand with all tricky bits and put you back on track just in time.