When you start your business, there’s no sure way of knowing how quickly or how much your business will grow. Of course, the fact that your business is growing is great. However, it can bring forth some unexpected hiccups. For instance, when your business is growing, your employee base is growing as well. This means that now, all of a sudden you simply don’t have enough room in your coworking space to fit everyone comfortably, and now you have to move.

That’s when you know for sure that it’s time to do something about it. Sometimes, expanding within your current place of work or opening an office at a new location can work. Other times, however, you will need to relocate your entire endeavor. That’s why we’ve prepared some tips that will make this process significantly easier and more streamlined on everyone involved. 

Employees at a meeting

Let everyone know you are moving

Deciding to move your business to a new location doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why you should let everyone know you’re moving as soon as you manage to find the right location. Some suggest that you should announce the move as soon as you decide that’s it’s the right time to do so. You can announce your move through your website, social media, and email. Just make sure that all of your business associates, as well as your audience, have been informed that you’ll be changing the location of your business soon. As your brand visibility strategy, you need to ensure that your audience is informed about your activities. 

Prepare your business for a move

Now, you need to understand that relocating your coworking space will mean that your business will probably experience some downtime. If this is something you simply can’t afford, make sure you schedule and prepare everything in advance. On the other hand, if a couple of days off won’t hurt your business – great! Close your business down for a few days and use that time to relocate. Of course, you’ll again need to let everyone know that you’re doing so to avoid any misunderstandings. 

Move non-essentials first

Every office space contains non-business-essential items as well as the essential ones. You should make the move easier on yourself by relocating the non-essentials first. These include office plants, décor, meeting room furniture and other items you either don’t use every single day or don’t use for doing business. These items you can even relocate yourself. 

Start packing and ask your employees to help you out

Before the day of the move comes, you should make sure that everything is packed and ready to go. Ask your employees to pack their desks themselves, to ensure that nothing is left behind. You can also choose to turn this somewhat overwhelming task into a fun team-building activity. See if your employees are willing and available to help you take care of the move yourselves, and then rent your desired truck at affordable Budget Trucks and start loading the vehicle. By taking care of this together as a team, it will bring you closer together and make the moving day a bit more interesting and even fun. Don’t forget to order some food and refreshments once the unpacking is done. 

Make sure that the new location is ready

Before the moving date arrives, you should visit your new location and see if it’s ready to welcome you. Make sure that your new office space is clean and ready for you to start bringing stuff in. If, on the other hand, your new office space is not quite there yet, make sure you implement all the necessary repairs and clean the space up. If necessary, repaint the walls and see if the floors need some TLC as well. Clean the windows and inspect the state the HVAC system is in. Make sure that the electric grid is ready to take on the load your equipment will bring. Do all of this well ahead of time, because once your office furniture is in, any work that needs to be done will be significantly more difficult to take care of. 

Throw an office warming party

Now that all of your office furniture, equipment and décor is in, you should throw an office warming party. Get some tasty snacks and delicious refreshments ready and invite everyone to join you in celebrating a successful move. By doing so, you will make everyone more relaxed which will help them get accustomed to their new working environment. And, of course, don’t forget to have some fun and enjoy your new office space.


Once a business starts growing, it’s time to start thinking about expansion. If you ever need to relocate your business to new office space, make sure you keep these tips in mind. With them, you’ll be able to approach this overwhelming task with increased efficiency which will certainly benefit both you and your business.