Pictured Above: A Library Space at Instagram’s New Office (Photographer: Christophe Wu)

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CoreNet Global New York City Chapter discusses the High Performance Workplace

Members of the Chapter’s Sustainability Committee share take-aways from their spring roundtable with regards to a discussion of why opting for a high performance workplace makes sense.

New CoreNet Global / HOK report explores impact of coworking on corporate real estate

“The CoreNet Global / HOK Coworking report highlights the ideas that changing business priorities and the need to attract talented people, reduce real estate costs, improve speed to innovation and increase productivity are driving corporations to consider different workplace models, including on- and off-site coworking.”

The next piece of office technology You Should be specifying 

Mark Goh, Chair of the North American Infrastructure Applications Group with the Wireless Power Consortium and CEO of ChargeSpot shares why it makes sense.

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Instagram’s New SF Office by Gensler

On the Office: Gensler’s Ian Young notes that “We give them a canvas so that they themselves, as the users of the space, could enhance it, and curate their personalities and the communities that they represent as a team.”

Inside the Office Renaissance

Christine Congdon, Director of Global Research Communications at Steelcase, shares her insights on the changing workplace as part of a guest post series on the Design Museum Foundation Ahead of their Workplace Innovation Summit, November 3rd in Boston