In the Know:

1. Schneider Goes Smart in New York with new L&L deal

Schneider, L+L, Strike deal at 390 Madison, NYC (Photo: Real Estate Journal)

Schneider, L+L, Strike deal at 390 Madison, NYC (Photo: Real Estate Weekly)

Schneider Electric and  L&L Holding Company have started construction on an intelligent, 32 story commercial office building at 390 Madison Avenue. The building will be a showcase of connected technologies. This includes a SmartStruxture building management system (BMS) that will collect and aggregate building data in real time.

2. Big Data Determined to Dominate Design 

Companies like WeWork are using big data to pull greater insights out of how their space is designed and iterate for function and experience. Learn how data is changing the way that offices are designed.

3. The Smart Office is Also a High Performing One.

The use of sensor data is helping FMs better adapt to the new and dynamic work environment, and create high performing workplaces.

Trending in Design:

4. Vice’s new Toronto Office highlighted for ditching the tech startup vibe and going for a classic look 

Kontor goes inside Vice's new Toronto HQ (Photo: Kontor)

Kontor goes inside Vice’s new Toronto HQ (Photo: Kontor)

Kontor takes a look inside the new Toronto HQ and discusses the design considerations behind the classic and refined look

5. CBRE continues roll out of Workplace 360 in San Jose and Palo Alto

Bizjournals tours CBRE’s new California Offices that use technology to create their new way of working