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Stegmeier Consulting Group Publishes the State of the Open Office Study.

Stegmeier Consulting Group recently published the results of its State of the Open Office Research Study, What they found was that the open office is coming to a workplace near you soon. Most organizations are moving to incorporate at least some degree of open office layout in their workspaces for either recently completed or scheduled redesigns.

(Image: Stegmeier Consulting Group)

(Image: Stegmeier Consulting Group)

Steelcase Global Report: Engagement and the Global Workplace

The report’s key Findings include a correlation between engaged employees and the amount of choice they have in their work spaces.

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2016 AZ Awards of Merit Winners 

Azure’s 2016 AZ Awards of Merit Winners for Architectural and Design Products Interior and Architectural Products is out.

IIDA Signs Lease on New Michigan Location

IIDA EVP and CEO Cheryl Durst talks with BisNow about moving to a new trendy area and incorporating flexibility and community spaces in the new location. Gensler will design the space.