Pictured Above: Tesla’s New Solar Roof (Image: Tesla)

In the Know

Bisnow Toronto’s Workplace of the Future panel discussion with leaders from Deloitte, CBRE, figure3 and more 

There’s one interesting way to approach future proofing a workplace that most miss. The panelists touched on this and other topics like technology and a multigenerational workplace.

Workdesign Magazine Hosting NC, Choice in the Workplace Talk on Nov. 17th 

Attend at no cost with this promo code from Allwork

Trending in Design

Pinterests new Office – Can you tell that one of their cofounders is an architect?

Pinterest’s office is sleek modern and designed to provide inspiration – it’s not what you’d expect from a tech company.

Ingenious Design – Tesla’s camouflage solar panels

In an effort to make solar panels as appealing as their cars, Tesla has created solar panels that are essentially invisible to an observer. WIRED explains how it works.