No matter if you’re working at a major company or if you’re your own boss, travel is probably one of the key elements of your business practice. While business trips often end up in great business opportunities, they can also be a huge expense for the company, especially for smaller businesses. But, you can keep travel expenses under control while increasing revenue. How, you might ask? Well, here are a few efficient ways to cut costs and boost efficiency for mobile workers. 


Rely on free Wi-Fi

No matter if you’re traveling locally or going abroad, mobile data can be expensive, and so can a subscription to an internet dongle for your laptop. These expenses are only going to pile up and cost you a lot of money in the end, so whenever you can, make sure to use free Wi-Fi. When traveling, you can simply rely on coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, and hotels, most of which offer free Wi-Fi in public areas (they are more than happy to provide you with free internet access for a low price of a coffee). If you don’t know where to find free Wi-Fi, there are apps that list all the venues with this service so you can plan your trip in advance or use this practical productivity tool while you’re on the go. 


Be smart while using your phone

Most business people spend a lot of time on their phones making connections and setting up meetings, so your mobile phone bill might be a great expense in your life, especially when you’re traveling. To reduce your phone call costs when abroad, use internet-based calling apps that allow you to make calls for free. Viber is a good example of such an app that’s available for most smartphones. Skype is also handy, especially if you have a quiet and tidy area in a coworking space. You can also use an international service such as to reduce your international call costs and achieve reduced rates. 

Travel smart

Time is everything when you’re on the road and it often equals money. If you’re traveling locally, within your state or country, and you know traffic in your area is horrendous, you will still spend a lot of time in your car—time that can be used for work. So instead of wasting time driving, get a train and use your time smartly—you can make calls, answer emails, create drafts, prepare for meetings, etc. 

If you live in a country like New Zealand and sometimes can’t avoid taking expensive flights, do what business travelers there do. Here’s an idea: book a car rental at Wellington airport so you can grab a personal vehicle as soon as you land and avoid wasting time on airport shuttles and money on taxis. New Zealand is great for driving, so having a car at your disposal will save you time, ensure you make it to all your meetings, and save you money on expensive taxis. If you’re traveling with a colleague or two, you can even carpool and achieve additional savings! 

Take advantage of loyalty programs

While you can find great deals for flights and accommodation if you keep your options open, staying loyal to one chain for all your business travel is a growing trend among mobile workers. Most airlines and hotel chains today offer rewards to their frequent customers so you might expect to achieve some savings, but also have a better travel experience. If you stay loyal to a company, you can get seat or room upgrades, complimentary meals and better room service which can be super important during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

If you and your employees require allowance for everyday expenses while traveling, you might look into good travel credit card options for your company. These services often provide users with cashback opportunities, discounts and even some freebies! 

Get the right hardware

Productivity on the road is hard to achieve with so many distractions and inconveniences. However, if you need to be productive with limited time and gear on your hands, the right hardware can make all the difference. It’s very important to have a reliable smartphone with you at all times, combined with a good power bank. Laptops and tablets can also allow you to handle all sorts of work tasks while on the road, but make sure to get something light so you can be fully mobile. 

By keeping these tips in mind next time you have a business trip in front of you, you will not only organize a more effective business trip but also ensure top productivity, best savings and maximum comfort for you and all your mobile workers!