Working remotely is becoming more and more popular among employees. The pandemic showed us that there is no need for certain positions to require you to commute to work. 

As a result, people have found a way to earn a living and travel the world at the same time. But there are some things you should consider if you are looking for a new apartment to work from.

Get proof of wifi speed

Digital nomads and remote workers are heavily dependent on the internet; their whole livelihood depends on a good connection. If you work from home or are someone who gets most of their work done on their computer, then consider asking about the WiFi speed in your potential new apartment. 

You can request a guarantee in the form of speed tests and other proof. In most cities, you won’t have major issues, but there are places where the connection simply isn’t going to cut it, like small towns or remote rural areas. 

Think about light

Depending on your line of work, usually working from home will require you to sit through a fair number of meetings. Especially these days, when this alternative working option is becoming more and more widespread after the pandemic. Companies are adapting their business model for remote work, and that means that there are more positions available to be filled from afar. 

However, as a result, being a remote worker has never had more requirements. Good lighting is something that not everyone thinks about, but it is very important. If you conduct online interviews, attend meetings, give classes, or do anything else that requires you to communicate with your camera on, it is crucial that you have good lighting.


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Consider noise levels

Just like lighting, noise levels are just as important, if not more. Not only will high levels of noise bother your colleagues, but even if you work as a freelancer, loud noises will be a distracting factor to you too. While working from home is difficult on its own, and it requires more concentration and willpower, any kind of distraction will be that much more of a limiting factor for your work capacity. 

So, make sure that you take into account the surrounding area if the apartment is close to a school or playground. If you’re in Florida, consider apartments for rent in West-Palm-Beach, since they are in quiet areas with plenty of amenities nearby. Ask your landlord about the neighbors and stress that you need peace and quiet for work.

Ask about the designated workspace

Many online ads for apartments for rent promise a designated workspace. Make sure to ask about the details in advance. Sometimes there really is a professional workspace meant for online jobs, which can either be one corner of the living room, or even a separate room, like a home office. 

But sometimes what landlords consider to be a “designated workspace” can also be a kitchen island with a wobbly bar stool. Instead of forcing you to work from your couch or bed, these separate workspaces will do wonders for your productivity and efficiency, thus being quite an essential aspect to look for. 

If you manage to find an apartment with a dedicated workspace, make sure to ask for photos before making any decisions, to ensure it’s suitable for remote work.


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Don’t forget about the view

Spending most of your working hours behind a computer desk can be quite exhausting, actually. Sitting in one place does a number on your body, and staring at a screen for eight hours is extremely straining for your eyes. That is why it is important to have a nice view you can look at every couple of minutes. 

Having a great view not only improves your productivity, but it lifts your mood, reduces stress levels, makes us feel happier and more content, and even encourages you to be more efficient while working. That is why finding an apartment with a brilliant view could be quite advantageous for anyone working from home.

Scout the area for amenities and alternative workspaces

Some of the benefits of working from home are that you have everything you need around you, and you don’t have to waste time commuting to work. However, you don’t want to waste that extra time driving around if your closest shop is 30 min away. 

That’s why you should look for apartments that have everything you need in close proximity, since taking long drives to different facilities each day could significantly disrupt your already busy schedule. Another benefit of searching for apartments in prime locations is that this usually means that you can have alternative working spaces, like coffee shops or libraries, in case you can’t work from home.


Working remotely can have its difficulties, besides all the benefits. Whenever you consider moving to a new apartment, whether you are a digital nomad, a freelancer, or a home business owner, it is crucial to think about all these factors we listed here.