Many businesses primarily focus on the interior design of their offices to provide a comfortable environment for the employees and reinforce the company values on the clients and visitors. However, the exterior is also important as it often creates the first impression of your business, even for those who never set their foot in your office. If your exterior is unkempt or poorly-designed, potential clients might find a partnership at the other place. Here are several ideas to help you make a great first impression through the exterior of your premises. 

Maintain a pleasing landscape

For a business that is trying to break through the competition, the lawn maintenance might not be one of the priorities. Still, a well maintained outdoor space and aesthetically-thought lawn can attract people to your door. If you can’t afford to have a regular landscape professional on your payroll, you can hire a company that specializes in commercial landscaping services. Apart from trimming the lawn, they can trim and prune your trees and shrubs, mulch the trees, and if you wish, even plant and maintain flower strips along the walkways. 

Insist on spotless windows

Building windows are sometimes hard to reach, which means they are difficult to clean regularly, to the extent that business owners sometimes disregard the chore completely. However, the window lifespan depends on the cleaning and maintenance, so if you don’t want additional repair expenses, set some funds aside for periodical janitorial services for your exterior windows. Many companies who specialize in window cleaning offer both the equipment and workforce trained to clean windows that are difficult to reach. 

Use smart glass

This innovative glass technology uses electrochromic glass, which can alter its appearance at the flick of a switch. Increasingly used in commercial buildings for facades, windows, and skylights, it can be set to respond to the sunlight intensity to maximize heat retention or minimize solar heat gains, by reflecting the sun during the day. Apart from the solar variant, there’s also blackout smart glass, which has a full blackout effect that can be either remotely controlled or set on a timer. When blacked out, it provides privacy for employees while providing a full view of the surroundings from the inside. 

Consider outdoor working space

Human Spaces Global Report shows that workplaces that include natural elements such as greenery and sunlight are 6% more productive and 15% more creative than regular offices. So why working alfresco should be better than working next to an office plant? Consider renovating your building patio using durable decorative concrete which is perfect for commercial outdoor spaces. It’s easier to maintain, with no gaps and grouts that invite debris and weeds, while the color oxide is added into the mix when the concrete is poured. Your employees might choose to take their work outside during break time or spend the whole 8 hours outside, relying on mobile devices and Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Offer public space

A dedicated public space on your premises can also attract attention to your company. Apart from space for clients and visitors, you should include the public area for people passing by. Those who stop to take a rest or enjoy your landscaping may start thinking about your company, services, and products, while you can also use this space to advertise your business. A couple of chairs and tables can encourage people to hang around, while they curiously peek at your office building. 

Combine colors

Have you ever asked yourself whether the present color scheme of your façade and exterior suits the message you want to send? Just like interior decoration, the choice of exterior color can hide the flaws in design and highlight the features you want. The safest and most effective approach is to use two shades of the same color, for example, a lighter or darker for the trim and the exact opposite for the body. To raise the stakes, you can use a third contrasting color, to make the entrance more prominent. Bright white paint around the building’s architectural features can create interesting focal points. 

Update the roof

Commercial roof repairs are often necessary if you want to improve the exterior of your building and prevent leaks and subsequent repairs. Although rarely considered a priority, many business owners forget that the roof is a feature that is seen from afar, but the one most exposed to the elements. Wind can tear off or dislodge shingles, animals can take roost, and even scorching sun takes its toll. Once a year, you should hire a commercial roofing expert to inspect this area of the building. Professional roofers can identify potential issues and provide regular maintenance. On the other hand, if the building is old, they may suggest a complete replacement.

Whether you’re running a start-up or an established SMB, the latest trends of exterior office design described here can give your premises a contemporary look with a functionality bonus.