Technology has transformed the way we do business and has liberated us from the constraints of a typical corporate office environment. Employers jump at the opportunity to expand their talent base and that also means recruiting remote workers and freelancers. These two forms of employment are on the rise and such individuals often work from home or in coworking spaces.

And this is where coworking space comes in: staying at home all the time might be monotonous or they might find it difficult to stay organized. They may also be growing into a small business and require a space to work together. The demand for the coworking space is increasing and you could be leveraging it, but only if you market it right. 

A quality website is a must

Your website visitors must be greeted with an easy-to-navigate website and in case they clicked on a link, with exactly the page they were aiming at. It often happens that instead of, for example, the pricing page, the link takes you to the home page, even though it wasn’t supposed to. If the visitors are interested in the prices of your coworking space, they should land straight to your pricing page. 

In addition to that, the website needs to be mobile responsive because most searches and purchases are done via mobile phones. Smartphones were predominantly used for communication but now a multitude of activities are performed through them so ensure that your website is fully functional.


Leverage social media 

Social media has become an integral part of our lives and marketers quickly found a way to leverage that. Although they were initially used for connecting with people with similar interests, they turned into a powerful advertising tool, either in a direct way through ads or a seemingly more subtle way via influencers.

Whichever the option you decide to invest your money and time in, make sure you work on your coworking space’s online presence and don’t fail to emphasize out how your workspace is adapting to the needs of the people who work there. Also, be sure to mention the software and technology they would have at their disposal, such as a wireless charger in a table or an interactive board because the space will be perceived as both pleasant and well-equipped. 

Work on content marketing 

When it comes to digital marketing, content is still the king and a website with an informative blog is valued as a reliable source of information. If you post quality content regularly, Google will reward you with higher rankings which makes you more visible for your target audience. Marie Fincher, Head of Content at Trust My Paper writing service, also adds, “If you`re consistent with your blog posting schedule, you won`t only attract new audiences directly. That`s also a way to create a strong bond with your current audience and win customer loyalty that will eventually lead to such benefits as word-of-mouth advertising and new clients too”.

However, to be able to create such content, you need to know what your target audience expects from a coworking space and what sets you apart from others. Beside relevant content, you need to link your blog with other esteemed websites/blogs to maintain your professional reputation. Albeit highly effective, concocting an SEO strategy can be challenging which is why many businesses from different industries use the services of a white label SEO company to ensure maximum results. It is more prudent to hire specialists than to waste time and resources until you can get something right eventually.

Have special offers

As mentioned above, you need to offer something different that will provide you with a competitive advantage and set you apart from other coworking spaces. For instance, you can offer discounts to those who become regular members of your community. Another idea is to have daycare since children are often the reason people work from home. In this manner, parents will be close enough to them so they know everything is in order but far enough so they can concentrate on their work, something which is challenging in the case of small children.

You can also host events, especially if you don’t provide 24/7 services. This is a practical manner to invite your audience to visit the coworking space without any obligations. They will come, check out the place, and come back in the morning to start working at a desk next to a window with a wonderful view. 

Keep engaging your audiences

Today’s average attention span lasts about 8 seconds. If you want to engage your customers, you have to find a way to stand out immediately by offering them something interesting to do. A good way to go about this is to use an online quiz maker to create a quiz or survey that you can put up on your site. Quizzes are fun to do so they provide the potential customer with something valuable, and at the same time, they can be used to learn more about your audience and build a target audience profile. 

A quiz is also a way to generate more leads – once the customer clicks through your quiz and sees their result, you can leave a call-to-action button that invites them to check out your special offers. Here’s an example of a quiz you could make: Are You Better Suited to Working from Home or Office? People love personality quizzes and this one will allow you to highlight the benefits of a coworking space without making it sound like a sales pitch. Once people finish the quiz and get their results, make them sharable! Everyone likes sharing quiz results, and this way your audiences are practically doing the social media marketing for you.  

You could also make a survey and ask your actual audience what they think a good coworking space looks like. That way, you’ll know what people are interested in and you’ll know exactly what to give them to draw them in.

Connect with local businesses

If there is a cute coffee shop just at the corner of your building, why not partner up with them so that the clients can have a discount and coffee brought over at any time? Alternatively, you can connect with a small local restaurant so they can order lunch -having in mind that Millennials make up most of the workforce, this could be very effective.

Any of these coworking marketing ideas will show your clients that you care about their opinions and comfort and at the same time, raise awareness about your business. You can expect to attract more clients via recommendations from those local businesses as well as your current clients. Word-of-mouth marketing is still a valuable tool and one that you need to nurture. 

Over to you

As you have probably become aware so far, when it comes to advertising your coworking space, nothing is set in stone. The beauty of it being flexible is that you get to explore different strategies and monitor how your clients react. It is as simple as that: actively assess your members’ reaction and adapt things as you go.