We’re at the end of August, and while for many that mean getting kids ready for school, for all Apple fans out there it also means the annual Apple iPhone unveiling. Here at ChargeSpot, we’re wireless charging nerds and excited to hear about what Apple has in store for helping more consumers adopt the technology.

Since last year, when they announced wireless charging enabled phones, Apple has started generating a lot of buzz about the technology and even sells wireless charging stations (pads) on their site.

However, many have also had their eyes out for an Apple wireless charging station, and that’s what they were promised last year when AirPower was announced.

With wireless charging quickly becoming the standard in offices around the world, strong consumer brands like IKEA are looking to help consumers adopt the tech at home. However, few could argue about the impact that the ‘Apple effect’ will have on the technology.

With that in mind, we’re bringing you the latest updates on AirPower. Also, note that this won’t be the first Apple wireless charging station. That title actually belongs to the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock.


The Basics

What makes an AirPower interesting is the ability to charge multiple devices. With the number of Apple products and accessories that are wireless charging enabled, this is useful at home to charge all devices at night. For example in their preview of AirPower – CNET shows that the device is able to charge an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods all at the same time.

Technology wise – AirPower uses the Qi standard, yes this is the same standard that ChargeSpot and most other wireless charging devices use. It’s simple and effective. Expect Apple to potentially add their own proprietary flare to this as well.

AirPower has been a long time coming, since it was announced last September. Bloomberg reports that some of the issues that may have delayed the release is the Apple chip that will be in the product, as well as the multiple device charging capability.

Who is It Best For

AirPower is best for couples who may want to charge 2 iPhones wireless together on a bedside table, It’s also good for those with an Apple Watch and AirPods, in addition to an iPhone.

AirPower provides those with Apple Watches with more flexibility to easily wireless charge without having to use the magnetic charger available now. At home it also means no more running around looking for lightning cables as AirPower serves as a wireless charging station vs a cord and cable that is constantly being moved around.

In the way that ChargeSpot has freed employees from charging cables at work, AirPower is going to be able to start providing this type of solution to Apple users in their homes.

What If I don’t have an iPhone

If you don’t have an iPhone but are looking for a non Apple wireless charging station for your home, Samsung recently released their version of AirPower that can fast charge both a Samsung Gear S series watch and Samsung phone.