Now that we’re all back to working in the office after a long period of ups and downs, it doesn’t quite feel the same. For a lot of us, it might be harder to concentrate, and it wasn’t really ever easy in the first place! 

A lot of times, a break and some much-needed distance from work do the trick, and while something like a vacation would be just what you need right now, we understand that it’s not really possible or advisable right now. So what can be done? Well, let’s keep reading and find out. 

A Staycation 

Granted you’re struggling, but have you considered that your local businesses (especially those in the travel industry) are struggling even more? Well, the good news is that you both have what the other needs. You want to go on vacation, and some luxury hotel in your city is probably desperate for people to stay over. 

So why not go for a staycation? Drive over to a hotel on the other side of the city and lose yourself in the world of warm jacuzzis, rooms service, fuzzy slippers – the whole thing. Spend a day (or a few) just relaxing and working from there, and come back home refreshed and pampered. 

We don’t however suggest you stay in the hotel room for too long since it can get boring really quickly. 

Change Up Your Office a Bit 

You might be feeling stuck in the same old office and it might not be time for a promotion just yet, so before you have the right metrics and results to add to CV to ask for a promotion, you might want to find a way to make your current office tolerable again. 

It can help to take a productive remote work day or rearrange the furniture and make it more fun. Even if you just change the direction your desk is facing, you’ll feel a lot better about work. This might feel like putting a bandaid on a bullet wound but trust us, it really makes a difference. 

Reset Your Goals 

If you’re feeling uninspired and unmotivated, maybe it’s time to think about your long-term goals. If you haven’t defined any yet, all is not lost. Go ahead and start working on a vision board, or define your work goals some other way. 

Once you know what you’re working towards, you’ll find that it’s really easy for you to get back into the working spirit. Just make sure you keep your goals realistic, and to break down your long-term goals into shorter steps that seem more concrete and achievable. 

If the goals seem too out of reach, you’ll only end up even more demotivated than before. 

Seek Support 

If you think that the issue is how unsupported you feel at work, you might want to have a casual conversation with your boss about your goals and your career development. Is your job leading to where you want to be in the future? Are you getting the resources and training you need, or is there something more you would like to do in the company? 

If you feel like your office can’t help you get all these things, you can go ahead and sign up for some online courses or classes on your own.