In the past few years, we’ve witnessed the rise of new workplace culture: a more laid-back approach to work, that is more about quality relationships and a better atmosphere, rather than rigidness and strict rule-following. Many companies adopted this approach to reflect that. Those changes also affected the way people dress for work, so nowadays, in many workplaces, wearing a business suit isn’t a must. So, if you’re looking for a job, then here are some modern workplace dress code tips that will help you pick the best clothes. 

Observe before making a decision

If you’re new at work, then observing other employees might be the best way to decide on what to wear. If everyone’s wearing more formal outfits, then this is probably a cue you need to follow. Also, the employer’s dress style should be an indicator of what to expect. Some companies also list their dress code on their websites, so if you’re getting ready for a job interview, then feel free to check out their online presence to get a better picture of what to wear. Being consistent with the company culture is the sure way to know you’re doing the right thing. 

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Know what clothes and styles to avoid

If you’re unsure what to wear, remember that it’s also important to know what to avoid. So, aside from transparent, tight, and revealing clothes, make sure to stay away from bold, brightly-colored pieces, with flashy prints. Also, if possible, try to avoid wearing graphic tees, especially if the print is something you wouldn’t otherwise wear for work. Baggy clothing is also a big no, as it can appear unkempt or sloppy. 

When in doubt, go for business casual 

Casual dress is super convenient in the workplace, as it allows for comfort and elegance, both at once. Building a business casual wardrobe isn’t that challenging, but there are some rules that need to be considered: no low-cut, revealing, pajama-inspired and exercise-related clothes, as that is too informal for any workplace, unless you work from home or at the gym, of course. Therefore, make sure to keep everything subtle, neutral, and polished. 

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Focus on elegant accessories 

Accessories are important in a dress code and can make or break the outfit, so be sure to focus on getting the elegant pieces. If you work in law, finance, or anything that requires full business attire, then a simple laptop bag, or a satchel bag will be an amazing addition to your outfit. Backpacks are okay, but it’s important to coordinate them with the outfit you’re wearing. Meaning, a suit, and tie won’t work well with a regular backpack you’d use for a road trip or exercise. 

Also, don’t forget to pay attention to other accessories, as they can speak a lot about your appearance. For example, a slim carbon fiber minimalist wallet will be a great way to spruce up your outfit and look your best while at work. In case you enjoy wearing jewelry, then feel free to continue doing so, but make sure to opt for subtle pieces that won’t dominate your entire look. 

If you’re unsure, then ask those who are in charge

Sometimes, asking is the right way to learn, and in this case, this is definitely true. In case you’ve just begun working, then asking those who are in charge of these matters can be of great help. Even better, feel free to ask these types of questions during the job interview. This is especially important if you have a certain hair type, so you might be worried that it will look unprofessional at the workplace. Asking these types of questions might make you seem more professional, motivated, and dedicated

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Always make sure you’re well-groomed

Your overall appearance shouldn’t be focused on the clothes you wear. Your hair, nails, shoes, and skin matter a lot, which is why you should ensure to take good care of them on a regular basis. Regular hair trims are a must, and if you dye your hair, then be sure to do so regularly, to prevent your roots from showing. When it comes to your nails, feel free to paint them, but make sure they’re trimmed and well-manicured. It’s crucial to appear well-groomed in the workplace, even in the one that is more progressive. Another important tip: your behavior matters as well, so be sure to always be polite and professional, even if your workplace is casual. 

Final thoughts

These tips will help you dress and look your best whenever at work. Business casual is usually fine, but it’s always better to check in advance with the superiors. Also, observing other employees and being well-groomed will help you along the way. Observing co-workers and being consistent with the company culture are also sure ways to follow the dress code by wearing appropriate clothing.