With wireless charging more prominent than ever, both in the home and in the office, we are bringing you the best and boldest wireless charging designs you need to have in your life. We’ve been bringing you the best in wireless charging tables and furniture for a long time, but below we include other options that help you cut the cord in your life and experience greater freedom with wireless.

Wireless headphones

Apple has been cutting the cord for some time now. Though users were alarmed with the elimination of the headphone jack with the 7, the AirPods made everyone forget about wired EarPods. And once you experience these, the freedom will actually change your life. From running to the gym to just walking around and performing tasks without being tethered to your phone, wireless headphones offer users the ultimate in mobility and usability.

Pair this with the fact that you can pair a set of wireless headphones like AirPods, Beats or Bose headphones with your Apple Watch means that you won’t even need to have your phone with you. For someone that carries the + line of iPhones and is constantly being harassed by friends for having a ‘tablet’ rather than a phone, this is welcome news. The new Apple Watch also comes with LTE so you can ditch the phone completely for minimalist mobility.

Our favourites are the AirPods and BeatsX, both of which use the new W1 chip for quick connectivity. If you’re looking for the best in sound, try the Bose SoundSport Free.

Wireless Charging Table

Whether at home or work, you need a wireless charging table to free yourself from having to carry around those blasted charging cables. Even if you’ve reduced to just a USB cord – charging from your computer is often times so slow, it’s not worth the hassle.

However, with Apple announcing wireless charging last year in the 8 and X, you no longer need to worry about this. Simply place your phone over one of our ChargeSpot locations and begin charging your phone wirelessly. Everything else on your phone is wireless, why shouldn’t your charging be?

In a design friendly manner – wireless charging tables don’t need to look unsightly either with over top charging tech. Rather, ChargeSpot installs beneath the surface and is marked on the surface with a decal or etching of your choice. Design and function as important for our charging infrastructure as it is for your phones, and it’s why we’ve worked to make it as seamless as possible.

Wireless Speakers

Photo courtesy of Sonos

Another music theme here but if you’re building any type of home audio system, Sonos is a no-brainer and personal favourite for us here at ChargeSpot. No wired connections, just plug the speakers in anywhere around your house and connect to them via your Wi-Fi network.

The sleek design and great sound, along with a variety of options, mean that whether you just want to jam at home, build a home theatre system, or be the ultimate entertainer, set up is easy thanks to wireless configuration. The other cool thing is that anyone you give Wi-Fi access to will also be able to control the system. Let the fights over being DJ begin.

BMW Wireless Charging Pad

Photo courtesy of BMW

While the last piece of wireless technology is a bit more pricey that the options listed before, it’s a signal of the future and what we can expect to see more of. BMW recently released a wireless charging pad that will charge your 5 series in under 4 hours.

Built for the BMW 530e their wireless charging pad can be used in your garage, driveway or even a corporate parking space (you should have one if you have a 530e, right?). It’s the same technology you see in ChargeSpot for your wireless charging table and even for your wireless charging toothbrush!