Nature has found its way into the modern office, bringing numerous benefits to both employees and business owners. However, it seems that the recent trend of bringing the workplace outside has also gained popularity. A stimulating work environment with an inspiring outdoor space has become a new model of the ideal office. While this doesn’t entail the transfer of the entire office setting outside, providing employees with an opportunity to reconnect with nature at work can actually benefit their productivity, well-being and a company’s success.

Nature takes all the stress away

Work-related stress can hinder employees’ job performance and even cause various health problems. It’s a serious issue that should be addressed as soon as stressed employees start exhibiting certain symptoms. However, an effective way to manage workplace stress is to employ different strategies that will prevent or alleviate it. One of these strategies refers to encouraging employees to spend more time outside. Designing an outdoor office area is the perfect way to achieve this. An enjoyable outdoor space will provide them with an opportunity to relax, take a breath of fresh air and relieve stress before it becomes a more serious problem.

Employee happiness and a pop-up office go hand in hand

Ensuring employees’ happiness and job satisfaction is crucial for creating a successful business environment and culture. If employees spend day after day isolated in a building, they can easily lose enthusiasm. Providing them with an inspiring outdoor work area can truly make a difference and it can be easily achieved. You can set up an outdoor pop-up office where employees can work whenever they need to spend some time outside. This area should be suitable for different weather conditions, so you can use quality and durable shade sails to cover the space and create a pleasant work environment. Furthermore, you can provide your employees with a great level of functionality and convenience by furnishing the pop-up office with wireless charging desks that will help you maximise the use of space. As for possible noise distractions, you can always equip the outdoor office area with noise-cancelling headphones.

Great talent is just around the corner

The truth is that businesses now have to work just as hard to retain top talent as employees need to in order to attain a certain position. Millennials are a major part of the current workforce and they appreciate inspiring and stimulating work areas where they can feel at peace. You’ll be able to attract top talent by showing that you appreciate and care about your employees. In addition, Millennials value numerous factors when considering a particular position and workplace amenities are one of them.

Sustainability is brought to a new level

Eco-friendliness and sustainability are some of the most important priorities of an increasing number of companies. Nowadays, businesses aim at designing green offices by creating lush green walls, decorating with plants, introducing sustainable materials and implementing various energy-efficient solutions. Designing an outdoor space will provide business owners with yet another opportunity to embrace sustainability. A lovely office patio, garden or balcony can become a natural oasis with organic fruit and veggies and plants that will attract bees and butterflies.

Being aware of possible concerns helps you stay one step ahead

If you want to provide your employees with an outdoor office space where they can relax and work, you need to be aware of certain challenges. Knowing what to expect will help you come up with effective solutions beforehand and reap all the benefits. The ability of employees to stay focused on the task at hand is one of the greatest concerns that you need to consider. Try to think of possible solutions that will help you minimise distractions and maximise productivity in such an area. You also need to prepare for possible equipment failures and malfunctions and think about how you can prevent them. Should you decide to use an outdoor space for breaks and relaxation, you can devise a strategy that will provide your employees with all the benefits in a way that won’t affect their work responsibilities.

Not only will an outdoor office area bring you new opportunities to make your company more sustainable, but it will also provide your employees with numerous benefits. An outdoor space can help them relieve stress, boost job satisfaction, happiness and well-being and help you attract talented workers.